Have A Ball With New Amazon Echo Dot

A Super Speaker Of Sorts. Echo Dot Can Also Help Control Elements Of Your Smart Home Thanks To Its ZIGBEE Integration.

Have A Ball With New Amazon Echo Dot
By Evan Finlay

The Amazon Echo Dot’s back with a revamped design and plenty of tech to be excited about under its 100 per cent recycled hood. Swapping out the cylindrical design of yesteryear, Dot comes in a spherical shape, much like the new Echo device. The new Echo Dot’s clock comes with the same enhancements as the new Echo Dot, plus a simple LED display so you can glance at the time, temperature, timers and alarms. And now the tap-to-snooze feature that customers love on Echo Dot’s clock is available on Echo Dot, too.

You can still request news and weather updates, listen to music through your preferred streaming service and enhance the device with whatever apps (known as skills) appeal to you. Its sound can easily fill a room with distortion-free audio, and it can link up to your other Echo devices to be create a super speaker of sorts. Echo Dot’s also help control elements of your smart home thanks to its Zigbee integration.

This news was originally published at Sunday World