Samsung Could Launch A 200MP ISOCELL Camera Sensors In 2021

According To Ice Universe, Samsung Will Be Launching More ISOCELL Camera Sensors In 2021, Including One With 200MP

Samsung Could Launch A 200MP ISOCELL Camera Sensors In 2021
By Matthew Yap

It’s hard to see completely new features being added to smartphones these days. Like it or not, most companies are just pushing for higher numbers to try to impress us. That’s the same for the mobile photography space, with sources claiming that Samsung will have a 200MP camera sensor in 2021.

According to Ice Universe, Samsung will be launching more ISOCELL camera sensors in 2021, including one with 200MP. It was rumoured way back in April 2020 that Samsung had plans to develop a 600MP sensor, with some details mentioned in a recent leak. As such, it’s not all that surprising that a 200MP sensor may already be in the production stage. However, one of the rumours from last year also suggested that there would be a 150MP ISOCELL sensor made for flagship smartphones. We still haven’t seen any device sporting such a camera sensor yet, so if it’s even remotely true then we could see this appear first before a 200MP sensor is made available.

For now, it’s mostly rumours and speculations being quoted, but don’t be surprised if you do see a smartphone with a 150MP or 200MP camera later this year. Aside from camera resolutions, what other camera features would you like to see improved this year? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned to TechNave for more updates like this. We use a variety of devices every day, including our trusty smartphones, computers, and the World Wide Web itself. When it comes to big brands like Apple or Samsung, we always think of the leaders like Tim Cook or Roh Tae-moon. But they’re not actually the people who built the devices we use.

These unsung heroes are the ones working to develop advanced electronics like the iPhone, and are the brains behind the fancy devices that we use today. And when it comes to research and development teams, you can bet that there would be more than a few electrical engineers involved.  You too can also be one of these unsung heroes by taking the Electrical and Electronic Engineering course at the University of Southampton Malaysia. Interested already? Then you can attend the university’s Virtual Open Day from 27 to 30 January 2021. If you need a few more details, please read on.

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