Microsoft Is Planning To Introduce A New Outlook

Some Users Want To Know About The Look Of New Outlook, They Can Take The Hint Of The Current Outlook Web App

Microsoft Is Planning To Introduce A New Outlook
By Arooj Ahmed

Microsoft ranks among the best multinational workplaces in the world. Having a million users around the world. Therefore, Microsoft has to plan for the future to get more and more users. Keeping in mind the convenience of the people, Microsoft is testing a web-based app that will be available to all users whether an individual is using outlook from home or a major business is using outlook for commercial activities.

Yes, it is a universal web app, but Microsoft is trying to include a native addition, whether you are trying to access it through Mac or Windows for offline storage, sharing, and posting, or notifications. It will have a little footprint. This is the major shift of Microsoft from a devoted Mac and Windows to a web-based app. The main of Microsoft is to help people to use this product from all devices whether they are using Mac, or they are using windows. That will make no difference. Microsoft is getting users’ attention towards this app; therefore, they are trying to make their client feel as innate to the OS by building the app on the Outlook website.

The new outlook for Mac for reshaped in the last quarter of 2020 and then it was updated in December 2020. If we talk about the timing of the new outlook. It is possibly launched in the last month of this year. However, it will swap Mac and windows app after 1 year. This is quite far but the planning of Microsoft can be changed. They can do this work earlier too depending on their planning. Some users want to know about the look of new Outlook, they can take the hint of the current Outlook web app. Hopefully, there will be slight changes. Probably, Mac users will get some features of Windows users and Windows users will get some features of Mac users. Those users who prefer using a native apps, this change could be provocative for them. Gmail is conditioning to use web-based mails for years, but Microsoft may launch this with innovation and efficiency on its end with Outlook.

This news was originally published at Digital Information World