Kohler Smart Home Upgrades Include A Mood-Setting Bath

Kohler Is Teaming With Phyn On DIY & Pro Versions Of A Whole Home Water Monitor That Study Pressure Waves When There’s A Problem.

Kohler Smart Home Upgrades Include A Mood-Setting Bath
By Jon Fingas

Kohler is no stranger to smart bathroom tech, but it’s clearly adapting its products to deal with a pandemic-struck world. The company has introduced several new devices headlined by the Stillness Bath, a tech-enhanced tub inspired by Japanese forest bathing meant to serve as a refuge from a very stressful world. On top of the water filling from the bottom and spilling into a wooden moat, there’s a “full spectrum” mood lighting system, fog generation and an aroma-emitting “experience tower.” If you aren’t relaxed after this, you’ll probably need more than a bath to ease your mind.

Other additions are more familiar smart home devices. The Innate Intelligent Toilet is a “more affordable” alternative to past options that still has a bidet function, automatic opening and closing, a heated seat and a remote. And since it’s 2021, there’s a Touchless Residential Bathroom Faucet (pictured below) that helps you wash your hands without grabbing a potentially infected handle. You can buy both a fully integrated faucet as well as a retrofit kit that uses a remote puck.

There are also some upgrades if you’re worried about water leaks in your house. Kohler is teaming with Phyn on both DIY and Pro versions of a Whole Home Water monitor that study pressure waves to let you know when there’s a problem. The DIY model attaches under a sink, while the Pro model sits at the water main and can automatically shut off water if there’s a risk of damage. Kohler didn’t outline prices or availability, although it’s safe to presume the Stillness Bath and other bathroom devices will carry premiums over their more conventional rivals.

This news was originally published at EN Gadget