These Design Changes Have Led To The Elimination Of The Traditional AAA Battery Compartment.

Samsung Has Developed A Completely New Remote Control (RC) For Its Smart Tvs: They Will Be Equipped With Panels Starting This Year. One of the features of the novelty is batteries with solar cells. They will be able to recharge from artificial or natural light. In addition, energy replenishment can be carried out via a symmetrical USB Type-C connector. These design changes have led to the elimination of the traditional AAA battery compartment. The move will help cut waste by around 99 million AAA cells over the next seven years, the South Korean giant said.

Plus, in the production of new remotes, Samsung will use up to 24% of recycled plastic from recycled bottles. This will help to further reduce the negative impact on the environment. As a reminder, Samsung this week announced the latest smart TVs – advanced MICRO LED panels, Neo QLED flagship devices and The Frame interior. Over the next few years, Samsung will pursue its Going Green strategy, which includes several long-term sustainability programs for the company’s TV business. These include, in particular, reducing the carbon footprint and increasing energy efficiency, as well as the use of environmentally friendly packaging.

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