CCSA Is Calling On People, Particularly Those In 5 Provinces With High Risk And Strict Control Measures, To Download Mor Chana

By Som-O

The CCSA is calling on people, particularly those in 5 provinces with high risk and strict control measures, to download Mor Chana (download links below), a new mobile app to help identify individuals who have been exposed to infected patients using GPS and Bluetooth technology to track their location. People Travelling From The 28 Red Zone Areas Will Likely Be Required To Load The App Onto Their Phone And Fill Out The Details. Once downloading the app, you will be asked to do a self-assessment for coronavirus infection risk and will be classified in different colour codes…

  •   Green QR code is for ‘very low risk’ – a person who doesn’t have any cold symptoms, hasn’t travelled overseas or had contact with people with risks.
  •   Yellow QR code is for ‘low risk’ – a person may have cold symptoms but with no history of travelling aboard or have any closed friends, family members or     colleagues travelling abroad during the past 14 days.
  •   Orange QR code is for ‘risky’ – a person who travelled abroad or had contact with ones who travelled abroad during the past 14 days and have outstanding Covid-19 symptoms or asymptomatic. People in this group are required to self-quarantine for 14 days and see a doctor as soon as possible if any symptoms show.
  •   Red QR code is for ‘High Risk’ – a person who shows Covid-19 symptoms and travelled abroad or had contact with people with high risks.

The acquired data from the app will be sent to the central database automatically. This way, users will also be notified if they are in the areas considered high risk while receiving real-time updates on confirmed cases and other useful information about the Covid-19 situation so that they can be more cautious for their travelling plans across the country.

This news was originally published at The Thaiger.