Facebook Said That It’ll Soon Remove Its Like Button From Its Pages. Will Innovation Make A Better And Cleaner Platform Design.

By Giuliano J. De Leon

Facebook said that it’ll soon remove its like button from its pages. Will innovation make a better and cleaner platform design. The social media giant announced the confirmation on Jan. 6. The company decided to do the innovation to enhance users’ Facebook Page experience. It is also planning to change the experience of public figures and other creators using its updated navigation, new look-and-feel, and more revamped features.According to Tech Crunch’s latest report, the new update also includes a new Q&A format for engaging fans, the introduction of a dedicated News Feed, other tools, and insights. But, the most obvious change would be the removal of the like button. CNET stated that that the redesign will be able to find important information such as a Page’s bio and posts more quickly than before. The social media giant will also remove the number of total lies a Page receives.

Facebook’s redesign

The company will also confirm that the revamped Facebook page will focus on followers. This will be really helpful to make a more direct measurement of how many people are accessing the page. The company started to test the innovation with a few high-profile individuals, including authors, creators, and actors, followed by English-language business Pages. Facebook announced that the new design is expected to be released over the months ahead. The social media platform said that it is removing the like button because it misrepresents a page’s actual popularity. Why? Because many Facebook users are liking many pages and then later unfollowing them. They are doing this to remove the updates from their News Feed since they are no longer interested in the content. Because of this, Facebook announced that the popularity metric will be based on the followers of a page instead of its likes. The innovation will serve as a better indication of how many people are fans and how many are just receiving the updates from a Page.

Other additional features

Facebook also confirmed that it is introducing a new Q$A format. This additional feature will allow pages to better engage with their followers. The idea came from the Instagram trend, where creators would take questions from fans and answer them in their Stories section. In Facebook’s case, the followers can ask questions about certain topics. When an FB page answers their inquiries, they will become a stack of questions that people can swipe through to learn more. This innovation will really be useful, especially to businesses that want to answer common questions. They can do this in a very entertaining way, thanks to Facebook’s revamped.

This news was originally published at Tech Times.