Revolutionary Tech Identify Every Building In City Suitable For Solar Power Panels & Optimises Their Placement Is Being Unveiled At CES 2021.

Revolutionary Tech That Can Identify Every Building In A City Suitable For Solar Panels And Optimises Their Placement Is Being Unveiled At CES 2021, the world’s largest and most influential technology exhibition. Absolar has developed computer software using remote sensing and Geographic Information System (GIS) technologies to simulate solar resource on buildings. Based on the research of Founder and Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Fellow Dr Phil Wu, Absolar’s technology is able to identify all buildings in a city that are suitable for installing solar power systems, along with providing multi-layered estimates for individual buildings, including optimal configuration, potential of power generation, and return on investment.

Absolar’s technology produces highly detailed 3D models of entire cities, buildings, the construction context and trees in a virtual environment. “Absolar is committed to helping spark the next energy revolution by powering the world with renewable energy and reducing energy waste,” Dr Phil Wu explains. “At Absolar, we combine advanced energy science with data analytics to produce detailed computer simulations of entire cities. This allows us to instantly replace labour-intensive physical surveys, assessing the feasibility of renewable energy systems and identifying energy waste across entire cities and individual households.”

CES usually takes place in Las Vegas and attracts over 170,000 visitors who flock to see the newest technology being showcased by the 4,000+ tech firms in attendance. 2021 sees the event go all-digital from 11th-14th January, taking the global reach of CES wider than ever before. Absolar was selected to exhibit at CES with Future Worlds, the on-campus startup accelerator at the University of Southampton. Future Worlds will return to CES for a sixth consecutive year as the UK’s only exhibiting university. Eight startups from the University will be interacting with potential customers, investors and tech leaders across the world during the four-day show.

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