TikTok launches its first “1 Million Audition” campaign in Pakistan

TikTok, the world’s leading destination for short-form videos, has announced Pakistan’s first-ever edition of the highly engaging in-app campaign, 1 Million Audition PK.

TikTok launches its first “1 Million Audition” campaign in Pakistan

The exciting digital event commenced on the 6th of January 2021 and will be concluded on 22nd January, 2021. The campaign invites the TikTok community to participate and showcase their creative streak, across various talent categories.

TikTok in Pakistan will also use the #1MAudition Hashtag, as it has already achieved 86 billion views, globally, to become one of the most engaging hashtags on the platform.

In several other countries and regions, the 1 Million Audition has been successfully held since 2018, especially in the South-Asian Markets of TikTok, where it received an overwhelming response. Participants can also add their respective category in the hashtag like; #1MAComedy, #1MATalent, #1MASing&dance.

The objective of this campaign is to encourage and promote creative expression in Pakistan through enabling the generation of high-quality diversified content and discovering and empowering talents.

Having said that, the #1Million Audition, promises an opportunity for millions of users in Pakistan to express their creativity, follow their passions and showcase their talents.

The first prize will be a gift voucher worth 1000 US Dollars for one winner in each category, the second prize will be a gift voucher worth 800 USD for 3 winners in each category.

The 3rd Prize will be a gift voucher worth 500 USD for 5 winners in each category. The most creative videos will stand a chance to win. The 9 best creators in each category get the chance to qualify as the winners. Winners in each category will be selected; based on the video quality, engagement on the video.

On 22nd January, 2021, the names of all the winners will be announced along with distribution of rewards.

Millions of content creators in Pakistan are excited to participate in the #1MillionAudition, as it promises to change the lives of the talented Pakistanis, like it has done for so many people in other countries.

Many participants have even become famous stars on international media, featured with big brands, movies and TV shows, attracting millions of fans, worldwide. The #1MAudition encourages everyone to believe in themselves and conquer the world.

To participate in#1MAuditionPK, shoot a video on any popular theme, publish it on TikTok with the hashtag #1MAuditionPK. To know what other users around you are posting, go to the ‘Discover’ section on the app and look for videos under the hashtag #1MAuditionPK TikTok’s mission is to build a creative community of users that spreads joy and makes people smile.

Join TikTok and its vibrant community to participate in numerous ongoing challenges and capture the moments that matter, directly from your smart-phone.