Apple Working On Two Secret Foldable Phones

Foldable Phones Are An Increasingly Popular Smartphone Design That Puts A Hinge Mechanism Behind The Screen

Apple Working On Two Secret Foldable Phones
By Sean Keach

Rival smartphone firms like Samsung, Huawei and LG have all developed their own foldable phones. But Apple has stayed quiet, bucking the trend by sticking with traditional iPhone designs. Now Taiwan industry site Economic Daily News says that Apple may be working on foldable phones in secret, as spotted by MacRumors. Taiwanese manufacturing giant Foxconn – which makes many Apple gadgets – has reportedly churned out two foldable iPhone prototypes. These have passed durability tests at a Foxconn factory in China’s tech city of Shenzhen, the report claims.

One of these devices is said to be vertically folding.

And the other is a dual-screen device with two separate displays connected by a hinge. Foldable phones are an increasingly popular smartphone design that puts a hinge mechanism behind the screen. It allows the handset to have a large tablet-sized display, but fold down to smartphone size for regular use. This means buyers can have big screens to watch media on, while still being able to pocket the gadgets easily. But early foldable phones have been marred by bungles and delays.

Samsung was forced to cancel the launch of its Galaxy Fold handset in 2019, after early samples broke during the first few days of use. Huawei also delayed its foldable Mate X launch to iron out design issues. Apple hasn’t confirmed any plans to launch a foldable smartphone, and is likely cautious after seeing how its rivals fared. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard whispers of a foldable iPhone. Last year, industry expert Paolo Pescatore told us that one was very likely to be on the cards.

“Most, if not all, of Apple’s rivals have released a foldable, flexible display,” said Paolo, of PP Foresight. “While Apple has yet to do so, it has filed patents so it is working on something. “Apple might unveil it this year or most likely next year.” Of course, Apple hasn’t confirmed any such plans. And even if a prototype has been tested, it’s no guarantee that a foldable Apple iPhone will ever make it to store shelves.

This news was originally published at The Sun