Amazon signs deal to acquire podcast startup Wondery

Tech company Amazon recently revealed that it has signed a deal to acquire podcast production firm Wondery. According to Mashable, the move is aimed towards expanding its efforts to provide more offerings to users from its music platform Amazon Music.

Amazon signs deal to acquire podcast startup Wondery

Amazon announced the details about the detail on its blog post, stating that the deal hasn’t closed yet. It further stated that Wondery is a hit podcast publisher known for producing top-rated podcasts that entertain and educate listeners, including ‘Dirty John,’ ‘Dr. Death,’ ‘Business Wars,’ and “The Shrink Next Door.

‘These will now be included in Amazon Music. Also, the deal does not affect the way users access Wondery podcasts and they will be to do so via different providers. However, Wondery will be providing more high-quality content on Amazon Music.

As per Mashable, the blog states that this new deal is a pivotal moment for the e-commerce giant to boost its Amazon Music expansion by offering a lot more services beyond music.

“Our commitment to podcasts, our focus on high-quality audio with the Amazon Music HD tier, and our recent partnership with Twitch to bring live streaming into the app makes Amazon Music a premiere destination for creators,” states the blog.

Amazon said that it hopes to bring more customers to streaming with its new expansion and that it will ensure it’s a platform for people “to find, discover, and listen to the creators and artists they enjoy”. (ANI)

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