Dating sites has exploded in recent years, to the extent that the dating industry is worth somewhere in the region of $3 billion per annum

Online dating has exploded in recent years, to the extent that the dating industry is worth somewhere in the region of $3 billion per annum – a figure rising all the time! One of the key reasons for the success of this form of social interaction has been the way these websites have harnessed technology. The moment a single signs up to a dating platform they will gain access to a diverse range of functions. With that being said, dating experts from have shared some of the many ways technology is paving the way for successful relationships in the modern age.

Algorithms to find ideal matches

Dating sites are all about making the introductions as seamless as possible. When you join your preferred site, you might be invited to complete a questionnaire stipulating everything from your vital statistics to your hobbies and interests. You will also receive the opportunity to specify the type of partner you’re seeking. Long before you even begin browsing through any other profiles, algorithms built into the date site’s coding structure will get to work, ensuring you are presented with matches based on your initial wishlist. Compatibility is a cornerstone of singles dating in both the online and offline dimensions, and the technology will ensure you have every chance of being paired with someone on your wavelength.

Enhanced communication techniques

Relationships can progress much more fluidly with the various aspects of messaging available on today’s dating platforms. An important part of building a rapport is becoming comfortable in each other’s company, and this is achieved perfectly by a regular exchange of messages in a secure and relaxing environment. Matching websites can use technology to mimic the informal, non-verbal flirting that occurs in the real world. You can send a ‘wink’ to someone you’re interested in – the virtual equivalent of strolling into a busy singles bar, catching someone’s eye on the far side of the crowd, and giving them an enticing smile. You don’t have to say a word, but the object of your desire is instantly alerted to your intentions.

Geolocation for convenient get-togethers

Just as satellite technology can guide your car journeys through unfamiliar terrain, the moment you provide your application credentials to a dating site, your location will be registered and added to a database. Geolocation technology can pinpoint where you are at any given time, and add this information to an interactive map. Other site users will be given access to these details, allowing you to consult real-time data about site users who might be nearby. This is particularly favored by dating outlets focused on instant results – for no strings attached encounters. 

Tech around the corner: virtual reality, artificial intelligence

Dating sites have only been operating since around the mid-90s but the technology they employ has evolved at a dizzying rate. Some cam sites allow customers to interact with models in private chat rooms by stimulating whoever is at the far end of their computer connection via sensory devices. The advent of virtual reality (VR), already hugely popular in video gaming, means donning sophisticated VR headsets can allow customers to interact with avatar versions of other site users.

Breaking down barriers

Because communication technology is now allowing site users to touch base 24/7, and almost three-dimensionally, there is no such thing as cultural barriers with relationships. If you’re looking for a partner a little more exotic than someone you could bump into in your local store, the technology exists to allow you to interact with charming singles in different countries.

Originally Published at Big Easy Magazine