OneClock Is Designed To Wake You Up Gently

OneClock Is A New Alarm Clock Made To Remove The Tech Clutter From Our Lives And Wake You Up Gently.

OneClock Is Designed To Wake You Up Gently
By Alex Hernandez

Cutting edge technology is wonderful, it has changed our lives in many positive ways. But sometimes, technology can get in the way. OneClock is a new alarm clock made to remove the tech clutter from our lives and wake you up gently. The company worked with Grammy-winning artists to curate some of the best tones, tempos, and frequencies that will lull you out of slumber. As you know, many alarms trigger a spike in blood pressure and heart rate, which activates the fight-or-flight response of your nervous system.

OneClock’s sounds are designed to activate your brain as you sleep, then wake you gently and reliably (no more jarring alarm clocks!) Uses an AI music generator that randomizes and remixes the music so that you never hear the same song twice. Ever.  Made and designed in the USA with high quality and sustainably sourced components. Screen-free analog clock with no Bluetooth, no WiFi, no apps, and no connectivity, to keep technology out of the bedroom. In this day of smart clocks, smartwatches, and smart everything, it’s refreshing to see a decidedly low-tech solution to helping us wake up easier.

This news was originally published at Tech Aeris