Google is testing a new dedicated carousel for short-form videos that will showcase TikTok, Instagram clips in new search feature.

Google is testing a new dedicated carousel for short-form videos that will showcase TikTok, Instagram clips. The new search feature will be available in iOS and Android mobile phones and is different to the “Stories” tab that was launched in October.

According to Gizmodo, the new feature is an expansion from a test feature in a personalized Discover tab that Google launched earlier this year. From the original version which focused on boosting videos from YouTube and Tangi, Google’s own short-form video project, the updated feature will now include Instagram and TikTok.

Google tests Short Videos Carousel feature

Google’s short videos carousel was confirmed by a Google spokesperson to Tech Crunch who said the feature is currently on its early stages of beta testing on mobile devices, so it does not appear on all queries.

The expansion was first spotted by Brian Freiesleben, which he shared on Twitter who was able to access the feature when searched for “packers” in the Google search app. After scrolling down the page, he found the short videos carousel, which already included TikTok and Instagram contents.

This move will help the tech giant retain its users who just want to enjoy few minutes of entertaining videos without much hassles. When Google users click on the short video featured in the carousel, they will be directed to the platform’s web version, instead of being transported to the corresponding app. This will make users hit the back button, return to Google search, and click another video without leaving the platform.

For years, Google has been indexing videos before it partnered with Twitter in 2015. With the current update, Google has not yet confirmed whether it made the same deal with Facebook for Instagram and TikTok. It also did not give comment about its future plans.

Currently, the feature is available on Google mobile app as well as on the mobile website. In the future, this could become an interesting way to index top video contents from social media platforms, unless they block the tech giant from doing so.

It should also be noted that it is entirely different from the “Stories,” which Google launched in October for Google Search app for Android and iOS. Previously called as “AMP Stories,” the new “Stories” are compilations of contents short listed by Google’s digital publishing partners like Forbes, Vice, USA Today, Now This, and others.

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YouTube Shorts: Google’s own short-form videos

Back in September, Google launched an early beta of its own short-form video in India. The YouTube Shorts is a new feature that would directly compete with Instagram Reels and TikTok as it allows users to create 15-second clips.

According to a blog post, YouTube features new multi-segment camera, which can be used to combine multiple videos, record with music option, Speed controls as well as a timer and countdown for easy, hands-free recording. Meanwhile, other features may be added depending on users’ feedback.

Google promised to boost creators’ YouTube businesses as they can be seen by more than 2 billion viewers each month.

Originally Published at Tech Times