China Eyes To Become Top In The 5G War

The Success Of Such A Large-Scale Development Project May Very Well Push The Country More Closely To The Top Spot

China Eyes To Become Top In The 5G War

After facing several setbacks from the various impositions placed by the US administration, Chinese tech companies are finally picking up the pace. The industries in mainland China have been hit hard by the lack of US tech to develop the 5G spectrum. But things are finally shaping up for good for the wireless network in the country.

According to sources, carriers from mainland china will build upwards of 600,000 base stations to accelerate 5G coverage across major cities of the country. Huawei Technologies Co. is a leader in the development of 5G technology and according to insider info, the country will give preference to its domestic providers over foreign entities. The country wants to establish its place in the world’s largest and most sophisticated 5G network in a $1.4 trillion rollout of technology infrastructure. Currently, China ranks No.2 in the world’s top economy list, and the success of such a large-scale development project may very well push the country more closely to the top spot.

Chinese administration has been pushing its agenda of being self-dependent from western technologies for a long time now. And the various bans by the US administration on the country’s tech giants only helped to push forth the agenda much faster. President Xi Jinping himself is calling on urban governments and private tech giants like Huawei to lay 5G networks, install cameras and sensors, and develop AI software over the six years to 2025. The ambition undertaken by the Chinese government has been one of the main reasons why the US has taken such a fierce stand against the countries tech companies. And is still trying its best from making sure that China’s technological advancements don’t shadow its very own.

This news was originally published at Techno Sports