Amazing Technologies Of 2020 You Didn’t Know About

To Keep You Abreast With Some Of These Wonderful, New Technologies, Here Are 5 Cool Technologies You Ought To Know About In 2020

Amazing Technologies Of 2020 You Didn’t Know About

Technology never stays the same for too long- that’s just its inherent nature. As such, it can be a little difficult to keep up with the changes that occur daily in the tech space. Not to worry though- that’s what we’re here for. This year has been quite challenging on the world but exciting tech products and systems have really helped to make the taxing period a lot more tolerable. Until a couple of decades ago, some of these gadgets were the stuff of fiction movies. Today, however, there are quickly becoming ubiquitous. So much so that we can hardly envision life without them. Believe it or not, some of the cool tech inventions that we have available today are poised to shape tomorrow’s markets in unbelievable ways. To keep you abreast with some of these wonderful, new technologies, here are 5 cool technologies you ought to know about in 2020:

Environmental monitoring

No one can overstate the importance of good air quality, especially amid a pandemic. The quality of air may have improved considerably during the few months of lockdown but as the world slowly resumes operations, harmful levels of pollution have started to rise again. And that’s where environmental monitoring comes in. Environmental monitoring is exactly as it sounds. It consists of assessing the quality of the environment as a means of preventing pollution levels from escalating. Environmental monitoring is often the foundation of environmental impact assessments. The information derived from an environmental monitoring session is then utilized to quantify the current state of the environment so that something can be done to rectify any problems found. The quality of indoor air has always been a concern in the past. However, now, it is especially worrying as a result of the air-borne outbreak which has so far killed millions as it continues to ravage the world. Environmental monitoring is mostly done in industries such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing of medical devices.

AI in healthcare

AI is everywhere these days, even in healthcare. It’s no secret that healthcare costs have shot through the roof in the last several years. Meanwhile, doctors and healthcare professionals are busier than ever as the country continues to grapple with physician shortages. Thank the heavens for AI though as it has made it easier for professionals to cope more efficiently. You would think that AI threatens physicians’ job. The whole purpose of AI, however, after all, is to operate at a better and faster rate than the average human beings. But that couldn’t be further from the truth as AI has become an accelerant and enabler rather than a threat. The use of AI in healthcare is designed to help and not swap medical professionals.

Not only does AI make healthcare professionals more effectual but the technology goes a long way in helping to cut costs. AI technology for healthcare come in various shapes and sizes. For instance, clinical digital assistants in healthcare rely on natural language processing to type up notes so that doctors and nurses don’t have to do it. In another instance, AI technology Athelas is used to cut thousands of dollars per patient every year through reduced hospitalizations. Athelas enables patients to reviewed vital results from home thus reducing the strain and risk of hospital visits, particularly during the pandemic. There is no question that AI is moving quickly in the sector and as a result, the future of healthcare has never shined brighter.

Food pills

From single pills, that promise a day’s worth of nutrition to bubblegum that’s designed to serve a 3-course meal, bite-sized food replacements were always the stuff of fiction. Until now. Food innovations have created all sorts of alternative eating through chemistry but food pills were always a mystery. Food pills would solve the world’s food crisis problem. Food pills promise complete nutrition in powder form which would considerably help to reduce food shortage. Food pills would also be instrumental in bringing down obesity levels in the country.

Air touch technology

You may have seen air touch technology in fiction movies but the technology is finally with us in real-world scenarios. Air touch technology allows product selection in machines without the need of touching any surfaces. One of the world’s most popular air touch technologies today is the Azkoyen Patent. Not only is air touch technology much faster, but because it is designed to eliminate contact with machine surface, it is much more hygienic and sanitary compared to the mechanical push button or touch screen panels. With air touch technology, users can select products that they want to purchase up to 2 centimeters away from the surface of the selection panel. Air touch technology is changing the way that we interact with devices around, which has become an indispensable step towards eradicating diseases caused by bacteria and viruses.

Army exoskeletons

Militaries across the world have been exploring the manufacture of commercial exoskeletons technologies for possible military applications for years. In particular, Russia and the US are 2 examples of countries that have been actively pursuing the production of army exoskeletons for some time now. These futuristic combat suits are designed to provide soldiers with superhuman capabilities. The suit is designed on robotic exoskeletons capable of several tasks that enhance a service man’s capabilities such as carrying heavier weapons. Some suits are capable of allowing servicemen to shoot machine guns and accurately hit targets using one hand only. Although it will be some time before army exoskeletons can be used in actual combat, the results so far have been very promising. Army officials are hopeful that this super-soldier gear will be available for use in the army in the next several years.

Final Thoughts

These technologies may be popular today but in a matter of months or even weeks, they could easily be replaced with newer, far better technologies. TV and science fiction may have made it appear like flying cars, bionic body parts and robot fighters are unfathomable, but as you can tell, nothing is impossible as far as technology is concerned.

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