Tech company creates virtual rooms for parties

What’s happened to your company’s holiday parties or new year’s bashes? While lots of big in-person events are getting canceled one tech company with Knoxville connections is creating virtual rooms for parties that make you feel like you’re at the real thing.

Tech company creates virtual rooms for parties

By Abby Kousouris

Most virtual rooms calls allow you to see everyone in little boxes, but with Lunchpool they create virtual worlds with different themes.

Founder Alex Abell says they’ve seen a surge in interest with the pandemic. They’ve done fundraisers, corporate events, ribbon cuttings, concerts, you name it- they’ll design an interactive place.

“You can switch to a different table if you want to join the conversation,” said Abell.

They created numerous events for the holidays- including a ski resort with a roaring fireplace! You can meet different people at different places in the world. You can meet at the fireplace, at one of the many tables, the piano, or even a bar.

“The thing we really get excited about is taking something from the physical space and bringing it into the virtual world, we think that there should be no barriers to gather to assemble and we’re doing everything to break down those barriers that do exist,” said Abell.

If it all sounds a little complicated- there’s always a team member on the call to help you through it.

The next event, a virtual showing of Home Alone for anyone who wants to get in the Christmas spirit and watch the movie with other people.

Originally published at Wvlt tv