Sports enthusiasts Wednesday expressed their resentment over the decision to close down sports facilities in the Pakistan Sports Complex.

Sports enthusiasts Wednesday expressed their resentment over the decision of the Ministry for Inter-Provincial Coordination (IPC) to close down sports facilities in the vicinity of Pakistan Sports Complex, saying that such a move was aimed at discouraging youth to pursue outdoor sports activities during the pandemic.

‘The News’ has been approached by several parents and sports-related personalities, who complained about the issue, saying that nowhere in the world outdoor sports activities were suspended but here at the complex athletes are being denied their basic right.

“Everywhere in the world, open-door sports activities are going underway smoothly. Only fans are being kept away from these activities. Why the ministry has suspended these activities which are not affecting SOPs compliance. Walking, jogging and all other open-door activities should be allowed to keep youth busy,” Mushtaq Ahmed said.

Even former member of Senate Standing Committee on Sports Senator Enver Baig in his Tweet to Prime Minister Imran Khan said: “Honorable Prime Minister, tennis is an outdoor sport. Why is it that the Sports Complex Islamabad is closed? Can you kindly direct the concerned ministry to please open tennis courts where children go for tennis lessons?”

While talking to ‘The News’, Baig said that throughout the world open-door facilities are being utilised during these testing times.

“Why the members of the complex and Islamabad youth are being deprived of whatever facilities available for them at the complex. For the benefit of all and sundry, these facilities must be opened now,” he said.

Shahida Kauser Farooq, tennis events’ organizer, also lamented the decision to close down facilities at the complex.

“It is totally unjust and uncalled for. The world is open to outdoor facilities but no one knows why the ministry has barred these activities. I would appeal to the concerned authorities to look into this important matter and open the gates for the members so that they could start outdoor training, which is safe for anyone,” she said.

Shahida hoped that all the open-door sports activities would be permissible soon.

“Getting engaged in healthy sports activities is the only way out during the Covid-19 pandemic. These outdoor activities would be beneficial for youth’s health and immunity,” she added.

All the efforts to know the reasons behind closing down sports facilities went fruitless because PSB Director Media Shahid Islam was not responding to this scribe’s calls.

Originally Published at The News