UPaisa App Simplifies Cashless Transactions Building A Digital Pakistan

Strengthening The Cashless Payment Structure In The Pakistani Ecosystem Has Never Been More Crucial.

UPaisa App Simplifies Cashless Transactions Building A Digital Pakistan

To accelerate the pace of digitization in Pakistan and make the transition to cashless payments swift for customers, UPaisa has launched a new mobile application. With a simple and user-friendly interface, the UPaisa app allows its users to avail multiple financial services through one platform. The UPaisa app focuses on simplicity and enables users to navigate with ease. They can make payments with a few taps and avail diversified services without any hassle. The clean interface gives you the freedom to perform transactions quickly.

The transaction history and balance are visible to customers on the main screen. Thus, there is no need to go through multiple pages or check infinite icons to perform the desired function. The user-friendly application empowers users to perform their transactions without any fear and gives them a safe and secure option not only to transfer money, but also to do much more.

Using the app, customers can transfer funds anywhere across the country, recharge balance for all telecom operators and pay bills from the comfort of their homes. They can also subscribe to their favorite Super Card family product, or, order the UPaisa debit card and have it delivered to their doorstep. Similarly, customers can pay by scanning MasterCard QR codes at any retail shop, restaurant or petrol station.

The user-friendly app allows customers to track their monthly usage, and keep a tab on their daily, monthly or yearly spending limits and subscribe to email transaction alerts. Strengthening the cashless payment structure in the Pakistani ecosystem has never been more crucial. The UPaisa app is a complete payment platform as it encourages it’s users to adopt the digital way of life in a convenient manner, thus supporting the Digital Pakistan initiative.

 ‘UPaisa karo aagay barho!’