National Level Body Of Robotics Formed

The All India Robotics Formed Association, a not-for-profit trade body of robotic enterprises, was launched here on Tuesday to make India the global leader in robotics production and technologies.

National Level Body Of Robotics Formed

Harshitha Puvvala, Founder and President of AIRA, said the body, the first in India, will work to support, nurture and create robotics business opportunities in the country.

The other goals are to create and standardise robotics education curriculum, standardised design technologies for robot designing, make India a global robotics manufacturer, and establish a world-class robotics centre and museum in Hyderabad, all with a single goal to create a business export path of $350 million by 2022.

At the launch event, Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary, Information Technology, Electronics and Communications, government of Telangana, said that during the lockdown many manufacturers using industrial robots have overcome manpower shortage and continued uninterrupted production.

The power of robots is also being increased by adding Artificial Intelligence, because of which robots are also becoming intelligent now, Jayesh said.

The official said the government will extend all help for promoting robotics. The policy for electronics is already in place. Whatever incentives have been promised to the hardware manufacturing ector will also be extended to robotics, he added.

Ramadevi, Officer on Special Duty in the Department of Information Technology, Electronics and Communications, said that AIRA should become Indian Silicon Valley Robotics. Silicon Valley Robotics is the largest cluster of robotics and AI technology innovation and investment in the world.

Currently, India has over 5,000 robotic units, companies and startups across the country. Nearly one million people work in this industry but so far there was no association of this sector.

The association is formed to support every Indian robotics startup and create a clear path for them in terms of approvals, business growth, opportunities, funding, imports of electronic components, latest production technologies, skill development, educational opportunities etc., Harshitha said.

AIRA will set up standards in robotics, AI and automation as well as help every robotics startup, robotics members, organisations and professionals to solve difficult technical problems while enhancing their leadership and personal career capabilities.

Originally published at Ommcom news