This Is The “Artificial Sun” Created By China To Generate Energy

They Created A Powerful “Artificial Sun.” For Decades, The ISC Has Struggled To Find Greener And More Sustainable Energy Alternatives

This Is The “Artificial Sun” Created By China To Generate Energy

China seeks to generate cleaner alternatives through nuclear energy. To do this, they created a powerful “artificial sun.” For decades, the international scientific community has struggled to find greener and more sustainable energy alternatives. Many countries continue to invest resources in innovation to make it a reality. Today, China is getting closer to achieving it, from the nuclear fusion of its artificial sun. Last weekend, the Chinese authorities released a statement announcing the launch of a reactor with which it is intended to generate nuclear fusion energy. Machine “HL-2M Tokamak»Is located in the capital of Sichuan province, Chengdu, in the southwest of the country.

How does China’s “artificial sun” work?

The energy generated from nuclear fusion is capable of reaching temperatures of 150 million degrees Celsius. Part of the physical principle in which the core of two light atoms unite, to form a heavier nucleus. As a result of this process, considerable amounts of energy are produced. This is why its creators describe it as orn artificial sun. Large amounts of energy are released in each fusion reaction. The Sun and other stars work the same way: every second, millions of reactions occur in which hydrogen nuclei they fuse and create heavier helium nuclei. This is why nuclear fusion power projects aim to imitate this natural phenomenon.

Handbrake for climate change

The machine is capable of taking a type of hydrogen gas to heat it to more than 100 million degrees. Thus, it forms a thin cloud of plasma, which is then controlled by powerful magnets, until the atoms fuse together. That is how impressive amounts of energy are released. This process emits little carbon and generates almost no waste. For this reason, nuclear fusion has positioned itself globally as a real alternative to dirtier energies. Enthusiasts even assure that through nuclear fusion energy the fossil fuels, one of the biggest responsible for climate change. China’s “artificial sun” is an important step towards this goal.

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