The world’s first neutrinovoltaic energy, the Neutrino Energy Group believes that it took the steps toward a world fueled by honest green energy.

By pioneering the world’s first neutrinovoltaic energy generators, the Neutrino Energy Group believes that it has taken the preliminary steps toward a world fueled by honest green energy. No longer will petty squabbles over limited forms of energy generation rule the planet, and human beings will be free to recapture their interstellar origins and explore the utmost limits of consciousness.

For centuries, scientists, mystics, and visionaries have been fascinated by the prospect of real green energy. The operation of energy within the universe is easy to observe in the opening of a flower’s petals, a man carrying a heavy load, or any process that involves change. Harnessing this limitless ability of the universe to change, however, and placing it in the hands of mankind has proved a more daunting task.

Energy Cannot Be Created or Destroyed

Modern physics posits that energy is a constant in the universe. Unlike mass, energy cannot be destroyed, and new energy cannot be created. Instead, a fixed, yet infinite, amount of energy permeates the physical universe. All existing forms of energy generation, including fossil fuel processing, are examples of harnessing this limitless flow of energy for the purposes of human industry.

While the energy of the universe is limitless, however, our methods of harnessing this unquenchable energy are often limited by our physical circumstances. Producing energy from fossil fuels, for instance, requires a significant investment of resources, and fossil fuels themselves are a limited resource on planet Earth. Therefore, fossil fuel energy cannot be considered “free” energy.

Neutrino Energy Is Endless

Next to photons, neutrinos are the second-most abundant particles in the universe. What’s more, we’ve known since 2015 that neutrinos are the most abundant particles that have mass. While photons do not have mass, scientists discovered in 2015 that neutrinos do, utterly changing our understanding of energy generation practically overnight.

Unlike fossil fuels, which, to our knowledge, are only available in limited quantities on one rocky planet, neutrinos are found everywhere throughout the universe since they are produced by every single star. As a result, neutrino energy will never run out. If it can be demonstrated as possible to render electrical energy from neutrinos on a massive scale, then the foundations of green energy will be in place.

Neutrinovoltaic Technology Will Power the World

Since neutrinos are limitlessly abundant in every part of the world at any time of day and in any weather conditions, these particles form the ideal basis of a genuine green energy economy. All that’s left is to develop mass-scale methods of capturing neutrino energy and delivering it into the hands of the people. From there, the Neutrino Energy Group, headed by German renewable energy pioneer and mathematician Holger Thorsten Schubart, is confident that existing models of limited energy will disappear, gifting every human being with unrestricted quantities of endless green energy.

Originally published at News Wire