IIT Guwahati develops such technology to harvest water from air

Researchers at IIT, Guwahati claim to have developed a new technique to extract harvest water from the air (aquarium) using the concept of hydrophobicity.

IIT Guwahati develops such technology to harvest water from air

By Harshita Jain

In a team led by Uttam Manna, an associate professor of chemistry, his research students Kausik Majhi, Avijit Das and Mandipa Dhar have published their research in the Journal of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

A few months ago, PM Modi in one of his speeches had talked about the need to separate the harvest water from the moist air with the help of wind turbines, on which opposition leaders including Rahul Gandhi made fun of him. The team of IIT made this true and developed the technique of collecting water from water vapour without using any coolant.

On this occasion, Professor Manna said, “This water-harvesting technique is based on hydrophobicity or water-repelling technique. The concept of hydrophobicity can be understood by looking at the lotus leaf.”

He said that the research team of IIT-Guwahati has used the concept of chemically formulated SLIPS to effectively extract water from first time moist air. With increasing water scarcity around the world, efforts have been made to collect and conserve water through non-conventional means and scientists at IIT-Guwahati have started focusing on natural methods for water harvesting.

Originally published at New strack live