Over 10,000 Volunteers Vaccinated With Chinese-made COVID-19 Shot : Nausheen Hamid

Parliamentary Secretary for National Health Services Dr Nausheen Hamid Saturday said that nearly 10,000 Volunteers Vaccinated with China’s COVID-19 vaccines so far and no one has reported severe adverse reactions.

Over 10,000 Volunteers Vaccinated With Chinese-made COVID-19 Shot : Nausheen Hamid

Talking to ptv news, she said the target of vaccinating 10,000 Volunteers Vaccinated to 18,000 which would be completed in the current month so that the process of registration of the vaccine could be started soon.

“We have ongoing talks with China, as well as with Russia regarding this and the vaccine will reach Pakistan in early January”, she hoped.

“Whatever the cost, the government will provide free vaccines to citizens”, she added.

Nausheen Hamid said that orders are being placed keeping in view the availability and number of vaccines.

The national positivity rate has also been recorded at 10 per cent high as compared to previous data and the daily tally of new cases, which had dropped below 300 in September, had multiplied 10 times during the recent weeks to reach close to the 3,000 mark, she added.

“We are ensuring that oxygen cylinders, supply of medicines and other equipment are available to deal with any untoward situation,” she said.

She said all possible steps, including restrictions and smart lock downs were being enforced to control the virus spread.

“We appeal to the citizens not to take the situation lightly and strictly follow the standard operating procedures (SOPs) for Covid-19. Masks are the best vaccine against the virus as it reduces chances of being infected.

People should also avoid social gathering, hand shaking and visiting crowded palaces,” she said.

Government hospitals are already struggling because of a sharp increase in Covid-19 patients in recent weeks as major private hospitals are turning away patients because of a shortage of beds.

“The number of patients are growing way higher than the number of beds”, she added.

Replying to a question, she called on political parties to be responsible and postpone rallies and public gatherings for almost three months amid fears of a second Covid-19 wave in the country.

She said these political gatherings should ideally not take place at all, but if unavoidable, must be organized with strict compliance with the SOPs for which deliberations were under way.

Originally published at Urdu point