Do you want to invest money but don’t know where? Do you want to earn more money on your investments?

It is well known that fixed-term deposit accounts are one of the safest ways to generate income, but the profit margin that is obtained is very small. For investors aiming to establish a business in the Sunshine State, knowing where to invest money and how to open an LLC in florida is crucial. This guide provides all the necessary steps to ensure your investment is legally secure, maximizing growth opportunities in one of the USA’s most dynamic economic environments.

But what should I invest in?

In this article, we have compiled the best ideas to invest in 2020, a total of 57 strategies that I have used to help you generate money and multiply your savings.

Why invest money?

Having money saved is always recommended and it is always advisable to have a financial cushion that can cover you in case of unexpected expenses. Unfortunately, leaving money stuck in the bank hardly produces any profit. Due to inflation, your money instead of growing, is decreasing every year. A smart action is to look for alternatives to saving and look for alternatives where to invest. In this Sky Marketing article, you will find a list of the best investment options so that you can invest from 200 dollars without risk to 50,000 dollars


Make sure that the money you want to invest will not be needed in the future. In every investment there are risks.

Where to invest? and in what?

There are a wide variety of investments available both online and offline, so it is important to familiarize yourself with these investment ideas, since according to your investor profile, not all are the best way to invest.

How to start investing

Knowing where to invest can be overwhelming, since the investment options are very wide, so one way to start knowing how to invest is by doing a personal study with your preferences and criteria.

It is important to analyze how much money you want to invest.

You must also know yourself as an investor, that is, you must know what your risk profile is, your objectives (short or medium term) and how much money you can invest. If you are new to this and need an expert’s view in trading, Vector Vest can surely help.

What is your risk profile?

Find out what the risks are and adapt your strategy according to your risk tolerance.

How much money are you going to invest?

Think and establish an amount of money that you can invest. It is recommended to invest that you may need neither now nor in the future.

Will you be able to make monthly contributions to your investment?

Analyze if the initial capital will be all you can contribute or if each month you can accumulate money.

For how long do you want to invest your money?

There are short-term investments (from days to 5 years), medium-term (between 5 and 10 years) and long-term (for investments of more than 10 years). It is advisable to establish an estimated term horizon

What is your goal?

It is very important to set a goal. Goals help accomplish tasks even on a day-to-day basis. We recommend having an investment with fixed objectives such as investing for retirement, investing to be able to go on trips or simply investing for fun no matter what you earn.

How much time can you dedicate to your investment?

Some investments require continuous monitoring, while others can completely forget you. Study how much time you can spend a day a week on your investment.

Do you have any preference?

It is possible that if you are here it is because you do not know where to invest money, but surely you may have a preference. Perhaps you have heard an investment that has made you search the internet for information, however others have not even activated the slightest curiosity.

You can invest money both online and offline and in fact it is an idea to spread your investments as much as possible. This is called diversifying your portfolio, and it will help you lower your risk.

32 ideas where to invest money

Below we list the best options to invest 2020

  • Deposits and accounts
  • Actions
  • Funds and ETFSs
  • Crowdlending
  • Real estate
  • Gold
  • Wind
  • Solar panels
  • Start up
  • Your business
  • Other business
  • Loans
  • Online store
  • Invest in you
  • Clocks
  • Wiskey
  • Art
  • Music
  • Movie theater
  • Recycling
  • Cars
  • Water
  • Wine
  • Lego
  • Petroleum
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Pay debts
  • Cannabis
  • Pension plan
  • Renovating the home
  • Capital smart city

1 – Time deposits and savings accounts

  • Profitability: 0% – 2%
  • Difficulty:  Easy
  • Risk:  Low
  • Minimum amount:  From 1 $

Savings accounts and bank deposits are one of the safest and probably easiest investment options. They also serve both to invest and save. Opening an account is a very easy process and the risk is very low. In recent years, the interest rates on the accounts have been falling, so you will not get great benefits, but it is an alternative in your investment portfolio.

The interest rate does not usually exceed 1%, however, some banks still offer reasonable interest rates such as Wizink  or the Facto Account. If you want to know more about this type of investment, visit this page with a comparison and ranking of bank deposits and savings accounts

2 – Actions

  • Profitability: 4% – 12%
  • Difficulty:  High
  • Risk:  Medium – High
  • Minimum amount:  Afrom 10 $

Currently investing in the stock market is easier than you can imagine. 

You can invest in stocks, bonds and funds through online platforms, this has made it a very accessible investment method even for the novice investor.

It also allows you to practice with a demo account without money so that you become familiar with the system.

Stock returns can be very high, as long as the company does well. But the value of a stock can also fall very quickly.

Investing in stocks requires familiarization with the operations of the company, it is advisable to have basic concepts about how the company operates

Tip: Investments in bonds are more stable than in stocks, although they yield less.

If you want to buy shares, you can do it from the Blue World City platform , known

3- Investment funds and ETFs

  • Profitability: 4% – 12%
  • Difficulty:  Easy
  • Risk:  Medium – Low
  • Minimum amount:  Afrom 10 $

Mutual funds are another great alternative if you don’t want to spend too much time tracking stocks or market performance.

The funds are characterized by managing your portfolio and investing in different stocks and bonds of companies to obtain more diversification.

In the market there are several types of funds such as fixed income, variable, mixed, indexed, etc.

ETFs, from the English exchange-traded fund, is a fund that allows you to invest in stocks in real time.

4 – P2P Crowdlending

  • Profitability: 4% – 19%
  • Difficulty:  Easy
  • Risk:  Medium – Low
  • Minimum amount:  AFrom 1 $

For a couple of years it has been one of the alternatives where to invest and the popularity has gone until recently.

Investments in p2p loans or also known as crowdlending.

These companies propose to seek alternative financing through loans offered by investors. This allows you to expand the variety of consumer and corporate loans, as well as investment alternatives.

Peer-to-peer lending has a reasonable risk, but there are many peer-to-peer lending services available, so the risk varies between different services.

Unfortunately, after Covid-19, some platforms were forced to close, leaving investors in the lurch.

That is why it is important to choose a safe and reliable platform.

5 – Invest in housing and real estate

  • Profitability: 3% – 10%
  • Difficulty:  Easy
  • Risk:  Medium
  • Minimum amount:  Afrom $ 10,000

One of the most popular ways to invest money is in brick. However, after the real estate bubble and the great crisis of 2018, this option has ceased to be considered.

Investing in real estate or also known as investing in real estate can be a stable option if you want to invest part of your capital in physical and tangible assets.

On the other hand, acquiring an apartment is expensive and requires that you have saved a lot of capital beforehand. 

Investing in housing and real estate requires a lot of time and study, it is important to know the area well and analyze the market.

Luckily, you can find platforms where you can invest your money in real estate from 1000 euros.

There are many ways to invest in property, for example

Investing in buying a home for your own use: which means that the cost of living will decrease in the long run compared to rent

Invest in the purchase of a house to rent it: this will generate extra income from the rental.

Investing in a home to reform it and later sell it: thus achieving a capital gain with the purchase-sale operation.

Investing in a home in a booming area: in this way the value of the apartment increases over time.

6 – Gold and other precious metals

  • Profitability: 6% – 8%
  • Difficulty:  Medium – High
  • Risk:  Low
  • Minimum amount:  Afrom 10 $

Gold, silver and other precious metals of great interest for centuries, one of the most popular investments.

Although these metals have almost no use value and do not earn interest, you earn a return when their value increases.

Why are many investors keen to invest in gold?

Precious metal prices tend to rise when the market is volatile, and the value of stocks falls. They are the preferred option in cases of inflation or recession and are considered as a protection in difficult times

You should know why it is a type of investment designed for the long term, since in the short term it fluctuates more (silver fluctuates even much more than gold)

To invest in gold, you can:

Buying a jewel in gold (If you buy physical gold, you only get profitability when you sell it, it is an alternative used as a protection measure.

  • Through funds
  • Through precious metal derivatives
  • In shares of companies in the mining or precious metals industry.

7 – Wind energy

  • Profitability: 4% – 6%
  • Difficulty:  Low
  • Risk:  Medium
  • Minimum amount:  Low

Investing in wind energy is a sustainable investment that offers great opportunities for investors. Sustainable energy goals lead to growing demand and a guaranteed market.

Windmills provide renewable energy and is a highly subsidized sector. This does not mean that you must install a windmill, the cost is very high but there are companies that offer to invest in a sustainable way in windmills or wind farms both within and outside Europe.

In return, you receive annual interest between 5% and 6%. The maturity varies by company but they usually pay every 3 months they vary and you can pay your earnings quarterly.

Unfortunately, it still has to develop a lot, compared to other countries that take us head as the Low Countries where they even offer discounts on the invoice when you collectively invest in the purchase of a windmill.

8 – Solar panels

  • Profitability: 3% – 6%
  • Difficulty:  Low
  • Risk:  Medium
  • Minimum amount:  Afrom 3,000 $

When investing in solar panels you have two options, buy a panel to install it in your home or invest in solar energy to install the panel in schools or other public buildings.

It is an alternative to saving and a good way to invest your money in a sustainable way.

Solar panels are getting cheaper and more efficient with a useful life of up to 25 years, and they require little maintenance.

Where to invest in solar energy?

Buying solar panels for your own consumption (no legal procedure is needed for the installations)

Buying solar panels for collective consumption: this new option is possible since 2019 and consists of the collective purchase of panels for the use of the community, for example in your apartment block you buy panels and the cost is shared among all the neighbors.

Buying solar panels to install them on another rented roof: this option is also quite new and allows you to be able to rent a roof from a company or another home so that you can install your solar panel. You can also rent your roof to have the panel installed.

Investing in orchards or solar parks

Solar gardens are an area where several solar panels from different owners are installed. Thus the installation and maintenance is less expensive, since it is distributed among all participants.

The energy generated can be sold (you can put meters) or for self-consumption.

A solar park is like an orchard but in a big way, in parks we talk about hectares, this option is more complicated and is more focused on companies.

Invest in solar energy companies

Another option where to invest money is the purchase of solar energy shares such as the well-known American companies SunPower or First Solar.

9 – Start Up and Business Angel

  • Profitability: 6% – 8%
  • Difficulty:  Very High
  • Risk:  High
  • Minimum amount:  Afrom 20 $

Investments in start-up is another trend of recent years. There are companies of all kinds so you may wonder what can I invest in?

Infinity of startups looking for financing to develop their project, but unless you have a large capital saved, this option may be limited for Business Angels.

However, with crowdfunding platforms you can invest in startup companies starting at 20 euros, such as Crowdestor.

Investing in a company has several risks, for example, it may be that in the end the company does not start or that it does not have a deposit as expected.

It is for this reason that Business Angels, that is, investors with great financial power who invest in startup companies, analyze the project, the team and the development plan in great detail. A failure in one of these 3 aspects can mean that the company never becomes successful.

10 – Invest in your company

  • Profitability: 5%
  • Difficulty:  Low – Professional
  • Risk:  Medium
  • Minimum amount:  Afrom 500 $

One of the options to invest your money in setting up your own company or if you already have one, reinvesting in it.

Start your own business from scratch, there are thousands of alternatives, from buying a franchise, starting a company for online services such as dropshipping, selling on Amazon, or even setting up your own restaurant.

11 – Buy a company

  • Profitability: 4% – 20%
  • Difficulty:  High – Professional
  • Risk:  High
  • Minimum amount:  Afrom $ 10.00

Another lucrative way to invest in buying a company, it does not have to be a large one, but rather a small one.

A company that already has operations and clients eliminates the risk that we mentioned in the previous point by investing in start ups.

If the company already has filming, you do not run the risk that the project never just started, as it happens with start-ups.

Starting a business is expensive, you have to design products, get customers and create processes that are the most complicated aspects.

By buying a company that already has operations, you get direct access to entrepreneurship without the initial uncertainties.

It is important to do a good search job prior to purchase, as a fatal mistake you could make would be to buy a company that is in decline.

You can make the purchase of companies directly or in specialized portals.

12 – Invest in business loans  

  • Profitability: 5% – 20%
  • Difficulty:  Medium
  • Risk:  Medium
  • Minimum amount:  Afrom 10 $

Banks do not always provide financial solutions when an entity applied for a loan. The bank does not always grant the credit and the management time is longer and does not meet the needs of the company.

It is in these situations when companies can issue bonds or request financing through various crowdfunding services offered by portals

Other platforms where you can invest in corporate loans is Crowdestor

This opens the possibility for investors to invest in corporate bonds with high returns and moderate risk, although it will depend on the financial situation of each company. 

That is why it is a good option where to invest 200 euros, a recommended amount, since this way you eliminate the risks. It is advisable to diversify your risk by investing in multiple loans.

13 – Online Store

  • Profitability: by company
  • Difficulty:  High
  • Risk:  Medium
  • Minimum amount:  Medium – Low

Setting up an online store has never been easier. Having your own online website and selling products online is easier than you think

And also an ideal alternative where to invest little money.

On platforms like Shopify  can configure and organize your own online store in a very visual way without having to be a computer professional.

Dropshipping means that the orders they make to you are manufactured, processed and shipped by another company on your behalf, so you are only responsible for processing the payment.

You can also create a view page to sell products on Amazon through its affiliate program, and every time there is a sale you get a commission.

14 – Invest in yourself

  • Profitability: High
  • Difficulty:  Easy
  • Risk:  Low
  • Minimum amount:  Low

Investing in yourself: what course, skill, or knowledge do you need to get promoted?

Consider the option of learning something new to complement your professional career: graphic design, programming, a new language, etc.

Investing in yourself not only helps you in your career but it can even open new doors to higher paying jobs or even a radical change to your profession.

Studying for your personal and professional development can help you learn new skills to be able to offer your services independently

There is a wide range of online courses on platforms and even on YouTube you can find thousands of guides and free courses.

15 – Invest in watches and collections

  • Profitability: 5% – 15%
  • Difficulty:  Low – High
  • Risk: Moderate
  • Minimum amount:  Variable

The collections market is bigger than you can imagine. Many fans of watches and other collections would pay unimaginable prices for these products.

Vintage and luxury items, such as brands such as Montbanc, Cartier or Rolex, are the most popular.

If you search well you can find these items at a very good price in the markets.

But you should know that this world is not so easy. It requires a lot of knowledge to know how to detect which watch or collection is of interest.

16 – Invest in Whiskey (Bourbon)

  • Profitability: 10% – 25%
  • Difficulty:  High
  • Risk:  Moderate
  • Minimum amount:  from $ 500 to $ 10,000

Investing in Whiskey is an alternative that is increasingly at the forefront. Why Invest in Whiskey? It is a profitable and safe investment.

You can invest by buying the bottle itself, in stocks or at auctions.

The prices of each bottle range between $ 700 and can reach $ 750,000, and yes, there are those who would pay that price for a bottle of this precious alcohol.

In fact, the most expensive bottle was sold in 2014 for 5.57 million euros.

If you opt for a new concept and profitable investment option, the Rare Whiskey Icon Index portal tells you the value of this liquor where you can see how it has evolved and increased in value with an impressive return of more than 18.3% per year.

17 – Invest in art

  • Profitability: 1% – 12%
  • Difficulty:  High
  • Risk:  Moderate
  • Minimum amount:  Variable

Investments in art, pictures and paintings are nothing new. Who has not heard stories of the auction of paintings by Velázquez, Picasso or Rembrandt

Art is not only not simple decoration, it can generate a significant source of investment.

Years ago investing in art was only for eccentric millionaires, but art crowdfunding platforms have made it possible to access investors of all kinds.

An important piece of information, a work of art serves as collateral if you ask for a loan, this is known as pledge and while it is as collateral you will not be able to sell it.

The field of art buying and selling is so popular and has grown so much that even Amazon has a special section on its AmazonArt website .

If you do not want to buy the work physically, you can invest in art through brokers, for example in shares of well-known auction houses such as Artprice

18 – Invest in music

  • Profitability: 5% – 32%
  • Difficulty:  High
  • Risk:  High
  • Minimum amount:  Alt o

Investing in music means buying a copyright in which case license fees are paid and the singer would be given the right to the song.

The value of the copyright investment will depend on the popularity of the singer and the potential of the song.

You would earn money if a song becomes a hit or if it is used as music for an advertisement, a movie or according to the downloads it has. And by law, you keep your copyright for 95 years, after that time the song will become public domain.

The music industry is huge, and the digital music side is growing by leaps and bounds

Copyright can be reversed by contacting the artist directly.

19 – Invest in movies

  • Profitability: 3% – 22%
  • Difficulty:  High
  • Risk:  High
  • Minimum amount:  Alt o

Are you a movie buff? Why don’t you invest in movies?

You can invest in movies by buying copyrights (as we have explained in the previous section 17 – investing in music), or by financing projects.

Film crowdfunding is being one of the alternative sources to finance cinema and television. An example is Carmina, a film by Paco León partially financed by collective participations

20 – Invest in recycling

  • Profitability: 4% – 15%
  • Difficulty:  High
  • Risk:  Medium
  • Minimum amount:  Low

Investing in recycling, as incredible as it may sound, can be a unique investment opportunity.

The recycling business is booming. Pollution levels on our planet have reached such a point that it is impossible to collect all waste on a macro scale.

Commercial and government-operated recycling companies cannot process the magnitude of waste. Furthermore, these companies only process materials such as paper, aluminum and steel.

The opportunity to invest in effective waste management will therefore be significant. Companies like Umicore, for example, have achieved tremendous growth in recent years. Triodos Bank is known for promoting a greener and more sustainable planet. From its web portal you can invest in sustainable investment products.

Investing in recycling can be a lucrative way to invest your money ecologically and expand your investment portfolio.

21 – Invest in cars

  • Profitability: 1% – 3%
  • Difficulty:  Medium
  • Risk:  Moderate
  • Minimum amount:  Low

Financing a car to buy a new one is not considered an investment. As you well know, the car each day that passes its value devalues.

However, this does not happen with classic cars and not collector’s cars (for example the old mini) and their value increases over time if the vehicle is kept in acceptable condition.

The value of classic cars increased by more than 14% between 2015 and 2016.

If you really want to make money from this investment, consider buying a well-known brand car like Porche, Ferrari or McLaren. You buy it for about $ 16,000, and in a few years you will put it on sale again a few thousand euros more expensive.

22 – Invest in water

  • Profitability: 1% – 4%
  • Difficulty:  Medium
  • Risk:  Moderate
  • Minimum amount:  Low

If you don’t know what to invest in, investing in water is an excellent long-term option.

Why invest in water and how? We cannot live without water or air, it is a natural source and raw material that unfortunately is increasingly scarce.

Only 3% of our planet has fresh water, mostly located at the poles and according to Unesco data they predict that water consumption will increase by 30% in the next 10 years.

To invest in water is possible through ETFs, mutual funds or water purification companies such as SevernTrent . You should know that water speculation is not allowed and therefore you cannot invest directly in this raw material.

22 – Invest in wine

  • Profitability: 1% – 5%
  • Difficulty: High
  • Risk:  High
  • Minimum amount:  Low

Do you like wine? So investing in wine can be a very fun hobby, even if you don’t expect to achieve high returns.

It is important to know the harvest and the winery, the world of scams is very dangerous. If you want to have knowledge of wine, VineTur is one of the most popular portals or the website of   Robert Parker, considered one of the most notorious wine specialists

Investing in wine is long-term and does not consist of buying a bottle to sell in a few years. Unless you have a winery that allows you to have the wine in good condition, it is best to drink it.

Investing in wine is quite safe because its value in the market does not usually fluctuate too much.

The most recommended option to invest in wines is through investment funds or in companies in the wine industry.

24 – Invest in Lego

  • Profitability: Variable
  • Difficulty:  Medium high
  • Risk:  High
  • Minimum amount:  Low

Lego has now become a serious collector’s business and even if it sounds like a freak to you, it can provide interesting investment opportunities.

According to an investigation by the British newspaper The Telegraph , investments in Lego pieces have been more profitable than the stock markets and interest in this toy has been growing by 12% annually.

The set of pieces that has generated the most profits has been the ‘Cafe Corner’, its cost in the store is $ 150 but it was purchased at an online auction for $ 1,500. We are talking about more than 100% profitability!

You should take this option as one more alternative in your investment portfolio and not as the central focus. Most invest in a couple of sets, unless you have a warehouse where you can store all the boxes.

The toys that seem to be the most in demand are those that were released after 2000. The above pieces are too basic. And remember not to open the box or it will completely lose the value.

25 – Invest in oil

  • Profitability: 9% – 14%
  • Difficulty:  High
  • Risk:  High
  • Minimum amount:  Low

If you want to invest money in oil (also known as “black gold”) you have two options. 

You can choose to invest directly in oil, or you can choose to buy shares in an oil company. 

Shell, a Dutch company, and BP, a British company, are good examples. 

You do not invest directly in oil , but in the company that deals with oil. 

Therefore, business management plays an important role in performance. The share price depends in part on the current price of oil.

The second option is to invest directly in oil. You can do this by buying CFDs on brokers like DeGiro . These CFDs only track the price of oil. It does not depend on the operations of the oil companies. 

Oil is particularly suitable for short-term trading due to its unpredictable nature, but it can serve as a spread on your portfolio.

Investing in oil is a very popular practice but it requires a lot of knowledge because its value is volatile. Oil is known as “black gold”

You can choose to invest directly in oil, or you can buy shares in an oil company. 

The most popular are Repsol or Cepsa (Spanish companies), Shell (Dutch company) or BP (British company).

In general, it is not invested in the oil but in the company that trades the oil. 

Therefore, it is important to have an understanding of business management and company performance before investing. The price of the share will depend on the current price of oil.

You also have the option to invest directly in oil, for example buying CFDs on platforms such as stock exchanges , but obviously they will not give you the barrels.

As its value is quite unpredictable and fluctuates widely, oil is particularly suitable for short-term investments .

26 – Investing in Cryptocurrencies

  • Profitability: 12%
  • Difficulty:  Medium
  • Risk:  High
  • Minimum amount:  from $ 10

You can invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Ripple on well-known platforms such as Kraken , Coinbase or Bitstamp .

Prices are very volatile, which makes cryptocurrencies a risky investment.

If you want to speculate on the price of the cryptocurrency, you can also invest in cryptocurrency CFDs from broker platforms.

These are contracts (contract for difference) in which it is not really necessary to own the currency but rather speculate on the possible gains or price drops that cryptocurrencies can generate.

Due to the leverage this creates, it can be a very profitable way to invest in cryptocurrencies.

27 – Invest by paying debts

  • Profitability: 3%
  • Difficulty: Low
  • Risk:  Very low
  • Minimum amount:  Variable

If you have debts you can invest money in returning them before the agreed term. Loan interest significantly reduces the profitability of your investments. 

In this example you will see it more clearly:

Imagine that you have a  personal loan  of $ 10,000 with a rate of 8%. The longer you wait to pay off this loan, the more time you will need in investments that offer a return of more than 8%. The higher the profitability, the more difficult it is to find safe investments. You are more limited. That is why it is advisable to get out of debt as soon as possible.

If you have a mortgage loan it is different, in this article we explain in more detail what you should do if you pay off the mortgage or invest. You also have the option of refinancing debts , so you would have a lower interest rate, you are more comfortable although in the long run it does not mean savings.

28 – Invest in cannabis or marijuana

  • Profitability: 2% -3%
  • Difficulty:  High
  • Risk:  Very High
  • Minimum amount:  Variable

Although it may seem like a joke, cannabis stocks have seen spectacular growth in the last six months. Since legalization in Canada, the shares of companies in this sector have doubled in price.

Also known as ‘green gold’, it can be a good option for diversifying your investment portfolio.

You can invest in marijuana in:

  • Canopy Growth Corp
  • Chronos Group
  • Tirlay Inc.
  • ETF

The last category encompasses multiple companies active in the cannabis sector, including suppliers, biotech companies, and companies that provide materials and equipment for growing cannabis. 

You can also invest in Canopy and Aurora through ETFs.

Investing in cannabis is not guaranteed, find out about the associated risks.

29 – Investing in pension plans and retirement plans

  • Profitability: 3% – 8%
  • Difficulty:  Low
  • Risk: Low
  • Minimum amount:  From $ 100

Investing in retirement simply means saving for when you are retired.

There are many people who do not expect to receive a retirement pension, due to the country’s poor economic situation.

It will be very difficult for many to maintain the same standard of living.

There are various pension funds and plans available on the market, including retirement insurance. 

They are mainly savings and investments so that you can enjoy it from the age of 67.

29 – Invest in renovating your property

  • Profitability: 1% – 5%
  • Difficulty:  Low
  • Risk:  Low
  • Minimum amount:  High

Renovating your own home can be a smart bet for the future.

Reforming your home can save your family from unpleasant situations, with time furniture and plumbing deteriorate.

Small renovations can prevent damage from exposure to the environment and time.

Investing in renovating your own home can also generate significant savings in heating costs and energy efficiency.

In addition, a good infrastructure that allows better insulation in old houses, provides domestic solutions that will help you save significantly each month.

Without forgetting that the reform of the house will increase the value of your property whether you rent it or sell it.

30 – Invest in Sky Marketing

  • Profitability: 3% – 7%
  • Difficulty:  Medium
  • Risk:  High
  • Minimum amount:  Very High

Investments in Sky Marketing are very popular. Buy a house, plot, or apartment to rent it.

Everything goes here, you can rent a room, the entire apartment, or even the caravan!

A common way to invest in the short-term rental and vacation home markets is to rent or buy homes for this purpose only.

However, it is advisable to analyze whether the purchase of an additional home may be the solution you are looking for.

Here are some things to consider before investing:

  • If I rent an apartment, does the owner allow me to re-rent it?
  • Location of the home: are there other rental apartments in the area and what is the price level of other homes?
  • How do I cover the expenses if the apartment is empty?
  • What do the legislation and the taxpayer say about renting apartments?
  • How much time am I willing to dedicate to this investment?