98% Wheat Cultivation Target Achieved

The government had set a target of wheat cultivation on 654,000 acres of land in Faisalabad district and to date wheat has been sown on 640,000 acres which is about 98 percent of the set target.

98% Wheat Cultivation Target Achieved

“Around 98 percent target of wheat cultivation has been achieved in the district and the remaining would also be achieved very soon”,said Deputy Director Agriculture (Extension) Khalid Mahmood while talking to APP.

He said that last year same cultivation target was fixed which was achieved and average yield was 36.77 maunds per acre.

“We will achieve the set wheat cultivation target soon, and it is expected that wheat would be grown on more land than the target fixed for this year”, he added.

He advised farmers to complete wheat cultivation urgently to get good yields.

However, wheat growers should use modern technology, balanced ratio of fertilizer and cultivate only certified varieties of seed for getting bumper crop, he dilated.

“In arid areas,farmers should cultivate approved varieties like Chakwal 50, NARC 2009, PARC 2009, Dharabi 2011, whereas in irrigated areas wheat varieties like Sehar 2006, Lasani 2008, Faisalabad 2008, AARI 2011, Punjab 2011, Millat 2011, NARC 2011, Shafaq 2006, Fareed 2006, Meraj 2008 and Aas 2011 should be cultivated”.

Originally published at Urdu point