What Is The Marvel Movies’ Secret Weapon ‘Vibranium’?

Vibranium Is The Most Powerful Mine In The Marvel Movies World And Its Strength Is Visible In Every Area It Is Used.

What Is The Marvel Movies’ Secret Weapon ‘Vibranium’?
By Kaitlyn Kubrick

The Marvel comic universe has been in our lives for decades. Along with the new heroes, he brought many fictional elements to the world of cinema. With the Marvel Cinematic Universe, these fictional elements have been internalized enough to be considered almost real by fans. One of these fictional elements is the vibranium mine. Vibranium is the most powerful mine in the Marvel Movies world and its strength is visible in every area it is used. The answer to the question of what is Vibranium can be answered with a new question, whether in real life or in the Marvel Movies  world. Because there is a real mine that looks very similar to vibranium, which is a fictional mine according to scientists. What is the powerful vibranium mine from the fertile lands of Black Panther’s hometown of Wakanda, how has it been used in the Marvel Movies world, and what is its real-life counterpart?

What is Vibranium?

Vibranium; In Marvel Movies comics, it is described as an almost indestructible metal with metallic properties, absorbing sound waves and vibrations. Any impact that touches this metal is absorbed, and if a sufficiently strong impact is struck, it can kickback and cause a massive explosion. Vibranium is a mine based in the fictional African country Wakanda. According to the story, a vibranium mine was found next to a meteor that fell in the Wakanda region about 10 thousand years ago. Thanks to this durable mine that can be used in many different areas, Wakanda, an ordinary African country, has become one of the most powerful countries in fiction. The Vibranium mine first appeared in the 13th issue of the Daredevil comic book series published by Marvel Movies in 1966. The meteor that brought the vibranium with it caused a plant that gave superhuman powers to grow in Wakanda, and from that day on, the leaders of Wakanda gained power by consuming that flower and acquired the title of Black Panther, which was passed down from generation to generation.

How is Vibranium used in the Marvel world?

The answer to this question is heat, albeit hidden in the lines of the comics. Since Vibranium is a metallic mine, it is softened and processed by exposure to high temperatures like all metals. Moreover, with its developing technology thanks to vibranium, Wakanda industry has also been able to produce many new machines to process this powerful metal Of course, we can only give predictive answers to the question of how vibranium is processed because it is ultimately a fictional element. Maybe in the new Black Panther movie or other new Marvel movies, we can learn new information about how this mighty mine is worked out.

Vibranium contradicts real-world energy laws:

According to James Kakalios, a professor of physics and astronomy at the University of Minnesota, the vibranium we see in the movie Black Panther contradicts the most fundamental energy laws. Saying that there is a constant rate of energy in the universe, Kakalios states that the dissipation of energy by the vibranium contradicts the most fundamental energy laws and that energy will not be absorbed by a substance and disappear. A suit or shield made of Vibranium mine can reflect the most impact but never absorbs it. On the other hand, according to a phenomenon called “Sonoluminescence”, a mineral like vibranium can take sound waves and turn them into light, in other words, into a different power. We also saw the phenomenon of sonoluminescence in the dress made by Shuri, Black Panther’s sister. The suit made from the Vibranium mine stores the energy from the blows it receives and can then be used as weapon power. This is seen as the vibranium motion that best suits the laws of energy in the universe.

True vibranium in nature: Graphene

The fact that the Vibranium mine is not real or even contradicts the facts may have upset many Marvel fans. However, even if its name is different, in the world we live in, there is a substance called graphene, which has a power very close to vibranium. Graphene consists of a single layer of carbon atoms and is arranged in a hexagonal pattern. Graphene, the thinnest material ever made, is a hundred times stronger than steel, as well as having great flexibility. The only downside to the graphite-based graben is that it still cannot be used like a plastic yet, because most of the material turns into dust in the process.

What are the differences between the adamantium element used in the claws of Vibranium and Wolverine?

The most important substances that attract attention in the Marvel Movies world are vibranium and adamantium. We see my vibranium in the Captain America shield and Black Panther outfit. Adamantium has been used in many different projects such as Weapon X, especially in Wolverine’s claws and some parts of Iron Man’s armor. Vibranium stores the sound waves it absorbs at the molecular level and is therefore almost indestructible. Once adamantium has been synthesized in a stable structure, it can no longer be manipulated but can be destroyed at high temperatures. We haven’t really witnessed the encounter of vibranium and adamantium mines in the world of Marvel comics or movies, so we don’t know which one is stronger. However, we can say that these two powerful articles will continue to dominate until one day a winner emerges.

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