Save 55% on Catan and Ticket to Ride board games, plus expansions this Black Friday

Two renowned strategy games, Catan and Ticket to Ride are among the most successful board games in the world, and right now on Amazon you can pick up each of them with a huge 55% off the usual price!

Save 55% on Catan and Ticket to Ride board games, plus expansions this Black Friday

This saves you over $30 for each game. Don’t be too slow however, as these deals will not be around for long! 

Originally released in 1995, and previously called Settlers of Catan, game developer CATAN GmbH claims their game is regularly played by 20 million people worldwide.

Now you and up to three other players can join the adventure, and also check out one of the many expansions on the original game — including Star Trek Catan now 23% off —  also on sale this Black Friday! 

Three to four players compete over resources and territory, trading and building to expand their settlements across a map of hexagonal tiles. Players must collect and spend wood, sheep, ore, wheat and brick to upgrade their settlements, build roads and purchase development cards.

With different terrain tiles placed randomly, each game session is unique from the last, making for great replay value.

Meanwhile, Ticket to Ride is the inter-railing adventure game that sees players race around North America, strategically connecting major cities with rail track while trying to out-wit their opponents.

There’s plenty of risk and reward gameplay, as players decide whether to travel safe with shorter routes, or dare to connect a long route across the continent. There are also many versions of the base game including Ticket to Ride: Europe, which is also 55% off this Black Friday! 

Originally published at Live science