Solar Powered Appliance Startup Built A $69,500 Tiny Home

Solar Powered Appliance Maker GoSun Has Unveiled Its First Tiny Home On Wheels, The Off-Grid Capable $69,500 GoSun Dream

Solar Powered Appliance Startup Built A $69,500 Tiny Home
By Brittany Chang

A solar-powered appliance startup built a $69,500 tiny home that can stay off grid for a month in a pivot to the tiny living trend, see inside ‘Dream’

  • Solar powered appliance maker GoSun has unveiled its first tiny home on wheels: the off-grid capable $69,500 GoSun Dream, which will be available next year.
  • The Dream can stay off-grid for a month — depending on local conditions — with the help of its power systems, which includes solar panels.
  • According to GoSun’s founder and CEO Patrick Sherwin, this tiny home fills the energy efficiency gap that many other tiny home makers were not prioritizing.
  • GoSun has seen a “tremendous amount of interest” since unveiling the tiny home, Sherwin told Business Insider in an email interview.

The tiny home movement has become more popular during the coronavirus pandemic. However, according to GoSun founder and CEO Patrick Sherwin, this growing community and tiny homemakers have continuously missed out on prioritizing energy efficiency in these portable home builds.

Enter GoSun, which pivoted from its traditional solar appliances product lineup to tiny homes on wheels in order to fill this power efficiency gap. “Many of our customers were purchasing our solar appliances for tiny houses, so we attended a couple of tiny house conferences,” Sherwin wrote in an email interview with Business Insider. “What we found is that the builders of tiny homes are either concentrated on luxury items or low cost. No one was focused on energy efficiency and solar, yet many potential buyers want a well-built tiny home that has off-grid capabilities or solar for emergency power.”

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