Google Photos will end its free unlimited storage on June 1st, 2021

More than two billion Android mobile and iPhone owners make good use of the Google Photos app to store their favourite pictures online and whenever they want to go back in time to reminisce their old memory, they can instantly find those cherished moments, but come June 2021, it will all change.

Google Photos will end its free unlimited storage on June 1st, 2021

By Rohit KVN

Users will have to be careful about which one good photo they have to keep and have no option but to delete others.

Why is Google ending free unlimited storage on the Photos app?

Why is Google ending free unlimited storage on the Photos app? Well, it is getting expensive for Google to expand cloud storage with ever-increasing uploads from the customers.

Already, it has more than 4 trillion images and videos and Google is recording more than 28 billion multimedia content uploads every week.

Going forward, only those with Pixel (1st gen to 5th gen) phones, will have the privilege of free storage for photos in high-resolution quality. Every other Android and Apple iPhone users will have just 15GB of free storage.

If in need of extra space, they have to subscribe to Google One service with monthly (Rs 130)/annual (Rs 1,300) fees for 100GB and beyond. For 200GB and 2TB, consumers have to pay Rs 2,100 (Rs 210/month) and Rs 6,500 (Rs 650/month) for yearly plans, respectively. These can be shared with family members as well. 

This is a classic example of nothing in life is free and if you are feeling little anxious of what to do after June 1, 2021, fret not, there are other services that offer similar storage on par with Google Photos and also secure too.

Amazon Photos

This will come in handy for Amazon Prime customers, as they get free unlimited storage as long as they maintain the membership. In India, Prime membership costs Rs 99 per month and for a yearly plan, it is Rs 999.

This is the best alternative to Google Photos, as Amazon Prime members will get unlimited cloud space and get incentives such as access to Prime Video, Prime Music, exclusive lighting deals during festive seasons and also get a free one or two-day delivery option for doing purchases on Amazon e-commerce app.  However, this

Amazon Photos is available only on Google Play for Android. Apple iPhone owners may have to rely on iCloud for now.

Microsoft OneDrive / Microsoft 365

Basic Microsoft OneDrive plan offers 5GB of free cloud storage to sync photos and files across devices, share photos and documents. if you happen to have Microsoft 365 subscription, you can claim 1TB free cloud storage.

This is also a good deal and most importantly, it one of the most secured cloud storage services in the industry. For individual users, Microsoft 365 costs Rs 4,199 and Rs 5,299 for the Family plan.

This is also compelling choice as a Google Photos alternative, as Microsoft 365 also offers access to all Word suite of applications across all platforms and compatible devices such as iPhone, Android mobile, tablets, Macs and Windows PC.

Dropbox Basics

Another good cloud storage service is Dropbox. It offers 5GB cloud storage for the Basics plan, which by the way is free. If you want more, you can upgrade Dropbox Plus for $9.99 (approx. Rs. 746) a month or $119.88 (around Rs 8,952) a year and get 2TB storage.

There is also Dropbox Family option for $16.58 (roughly Rs 1,238) monthly or $198.96 (approx. Rs 14,850) annual plans.

JioCloud- Free Cloud Storage

It offers 50GB free cloud storage and users can claim more with the ‘Refer & Earn’ programme and promotions run time-to-time.

Dubox Cloud Storage: Cloud Backup & Data backup

Dubox app offers users 1TB free cloud storage for users. It is enough of storing more than 300,000 photos, or 250 plus movies or around 6.5 million document pages. 

Degoo Cloud Storage

This app offers 100GB free cloud storage and it is compatible with phones and tablets. Every time user clicks a photo, it gets automatically stored in cloud storage. There is also Pro (500GB and  Ultimate (10TB) for $3 (approx. Rs 224)/month and $9.99 (around Rs 746)/month options.

Originally published at Deccan herald