PTCL partners with ICAPfor Managed IT & Telecom services

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has agreed to offer the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP) exclusive discount packages for seamless telephone and internet services for all ICAP members.

PTCL partners with ICAPfor Managed IT & Telecom services

Muhammad Shehzad Yousuf, Chief Business Operations Officer PTCL, presented offer pertaining to PTCL services to Syed Masood Akhtar, Secretary, ICAP, at a special ceremony organized at ICAP office in Karachi. Khalilullah Shaikh, President ICAP and Hina Usmani, Vice President ICAP, attended the ceremony, along with Abdul Zahir Achakzai, EVP Business Zone South PTCL, Azhar Saeed, GM Sales South PTCL and Omair Jamal, Senior Director, Education & Training ICAP.

This offer will include Managed IT & Telecom services such as Voice, High Speed Internet, International connectivity, Static IP and GSM consumer solutions. Ufone, being a subsidiary of PTCL, plans to offer state-of-the-art Call Center solution to ICAP. Through the establishment of an in-house Call Center at ICAP, Ufone will also be offering expert technical support. Moreover, this facility will enhance ICAP’s connectivity with all its stakeholders.

Speaking on the occasion, Muhammad Shehzad Yousuf, Chief Business Operations Officer PTCL, said, ‘We are delighted to partner with ICAP where the community of chartered accountants will experience high quality telephone, internet and managed digital services across Pakistan. We are at the forefront to serve our nation through concerted efforts in line with the vision of Digital Pakistan. Through such partnerships, we endeavor to support organizations such as ICAP that is a part of the education sector and the regulator of the accountancy profession in Pakistan to play a pivotal role in nation building.”

Khalilullah Shaikh, President ICAP said, ‘Academic excellence demands better connectivity these days. PTCL, being the national telecommunication service provider, has vast infrastructure and expertise to support our increasing demand of internet and telecom services. We believe that the establishment of ICAP Call Center will enhance capacity building and is aimed to improve service delivery to our members and students, along with the provision of hi-speed internet services to fulfill their digital needs. We are sure that PTCL will be an enabler for us as we aim to add value to businesses and economy. We look forward to building a strong relationship with PTCL.”Through such initiatives, ICAP and PTCL will lead the digital transformation by enabling the development of IT-based infrastructure. This collaboration will provide cost effective connectivity solutions equipped with the latest ICT services. It will empower the Institute to focus on their ideas and execute them seamlessly with the help of pioneering ICT solutions.