Despite being a relatively new sector, energy engineering has grown manifold incomparison with other conventional engineering jobs.

The global crisis triggered by the pandemic has put the need to adopt clean energy on a faster track than ever before, which makes the year 2020 a pivotal moment for renewables. It offers a critical solution to India’s burgeoning energy demand challenges.

In addition to being an important matter for public discourse, the emphasis on renewable energy has transcended into exciting career avenues for engineers who care to save environment through their technical expertise. For instance, Energy Engineer has witnessed a huge demand for young talents this year who are passionate to deal with the efficient use of energy, management facility and services of energy, plant engineering, environmental compliance, and alternative energy technologies. Despite being a relatively new sector, it has grown manifold incomparison with other conventional engineering jobs.

Here is a list of few exciting career options for students who wish to enter the field of energy engineering

Renewable energy engineer – Renewable energy engineers are tasked both with the reduction of existing energy consumption, and the improvement and development of technologies to produce energy more efficiently. They usually work on the production of energy from renewable or sustainable sources, including wind, solar and hydro or marine power. The recent increase in demand for using alternative and renewable power sources has led to a rise in demand for these professionals.

Energy performance engineer – Energy performance engineers are tasked with using efficient, clean, and innovative ways to supply energy. In addition to this, they are also required to design and test machinery, develop ways of improving existing processes, convert, transmit, and supply useful energy to meet the requirements for electricity, and develop ways to generate new energy reducing emissions from fossil fuels and minimizing environmental damage.

Energy systems engineer – In terms of energy use, an energy system engineer focusses on the bigger picture. He/She is majorly tasked with improving energy storage systems, managing energy distribution, analyzing the effect of energy practices on the local environment, and understating the effects of energy-related activities on the economy. Other responsibilities include the analysis of existing energy plants and systems to determine their efficiency, recommending ways to improve their efficiency, and evaluating the economic and environmental impact of new energy installations.

Sustainability Engineering – Energy is considered to be the main driver for achieving Sustainable Development Goals, however providing social value of energy is more important than just the energy. Through sustainability engineering, an engineer is expected to design systems that use our resources in a sustainable manner. Along with energy, internet has also become the major carrier for achieving Sustainable Development Goals. Using technology to achieve SDGs is the key in timely and effectively improving the life of marginalised section.

Governments and industries across sectors are focusing to shift to sustainable energy solutions which has led to a surge in demand for clean energy experts who have the technical understanding to develop innovative solutions that minimize environmental impact and enable economic diversification.

Originally published at tribune india