Vice City Remastered In 'Grand Theft Auto V' Thanks To Stunning Mod

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City might not receive the same amount of love as San Andreas, but it’s still one hell of a game. Rockstar’s sun-dappled take on Miami in the 1980s gave Vice City an identity quite unlike any other entry in the GTA franchise.

Vice City Remastered In 'Grand Theft Auto V' Thanks To Stunning Mod


From the delights of the Malibu Club to the gorgeous beaches bathed in an orange glow at sunset, the sprawling metropolis of Vice City often felt like a character in itself.

Shinier, tackier, and altogether seedier than anything we’d seen from the series before, the world of Vice City might not have been as massive or compelling as San Andreas, but it still had plenty to offer.

That’s why I’m so happy to see the the Vice Cry Remastered mod doing something I think we’d all hoped Rockstar would officially do a long time ago: add a remastered version of the Vice City map into GTA V as if it were a particularly juicy bit of bonus content. They’ve even thrown in a few new missions for you to enjoy while you explore, just to sweeten the deal.

Check out the trailer for yourself below and drink in that sweet, sweet nostalgia.

While the trailer for the mod does show off a bunch of scenes from the original game, it should be noted that you won’t be able to play any missions from Vice City in Vice Cry Remastered.

You can run around as Tommy Vercetti himself until your heart’s content, and take on some of the aforementioned new missions, but anyone looking for a remaster of the full game will be disappointed.

More than anything else, this is just an opportunity for fans to explore the original map with a fresh coat of paint, and that’s enough! The city really does look better than ever, even if certain parts of it do still retain a weirdly charming PS2-era vibe.

You can download Vice Cry Remastered from Just be sure to follow the instructions carefully, and don’t install anything you’re not completely sure about.

Rumours floated around for a while that GTA VI would be a Narcos-inspired tale that involved Vice City in a big way, but they were nothing more than rumours with little to no substance to back them up. It’s unclear if Rockstar will ever return to Vice City for a future GTA game, so this mod might be as good as we’re gonna get for a while.

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