Infinix reshapes the smartphone experience in Pakistan

Leading the future in the smartphone experience in Pakistan, the brand has set new benchmarks in innovation-led manufacturing through cutting-edge technology, exquisitely designed dynamic smartphones, and conquered global life experiences with a winning combination of technology tossed with fashion.

Infinix reshapes the smartphone experience in Pakistan

Infinix, a leading smartphone brand in the Pakistani market has caused a stir in the world of tech in a short period of time.

Infinix is well known for being bold and forward-leaning.

Instead of playing it safe, it has taken the risk and moved fast. Instead of waiting for others, it has set the direction for competitors.

The tech innovator has completed five strong and successful years in the market, growing from strength to strength, becoming the most loved, and trusted choice in Pakistan; a legendary brand that challenges the norms with devices explicitly designed for the country’s youth to learn about the opportunities and challenges of global expansion, focusing on fast-moving high-tech space.

Here’s a rundown of Infinix’s journey of becoming a success story in Pakistan.

The journey started in 2013 with a strategy of complete line of mobile devices.

With the SURF series 39’s initial release, the brand introduced ‘ALPHA’ and unveiled the high-end ‘Marvel series’ which received fantastic response. The same year, Infinix broke through the market with the launch of the ‘Zero series’. Its popularity with the masses instantly made it a premium smartphone brand in the emerging markets.

The company’s success depended not only upon the quality product but also the reliability & benchmark it had set. During its trailblazing tenure in 2015, the brand witnessed top sales record for any single product with the launch of ‘HOT’. Simultaneously, the ‘NOTE series’ was introduced to cater to the business and daily functionality for consumers.

Aware of the nature of its millennial audience and financial restraints, Infinix took a giant leap in 2016 by introducing a winning combination of tech and fashion, i.e. the ‘S series.’

Infinix innovations have a clear purpose: represent infinite possibilities and distinctive characteristics.

Influenced by French designs and investments, they make life better and easier. The designs are more personal, intelligent, and deliver an experience that flows seamlessly and continuously wherever you go. It combines power and functionality, whether you are at work or play at home or away.

A brand that envisions phones as an expression of self-discovery and has struck a chord with users who prioritise fashion and technology through daily interactions, Infinix’s range of intuitive products has become a lifestyle by default, representing intelligent and trend-setting experiences around the world.

In a developing country like Pakistan, smartphones, in general, are unable to reach the masses due to their high price points. Infinix designs smartphones for techies who are on the lookout for stylish and aesthetic designs at the best value for money. 

The company has its footprints across the world; however, its contemporary design, the need for digital technology, and effective functionality have made it incredibly popular across more than 70 countries in South East Asia, South Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East. 

The tech giant has proved its mettle as a popular choice, especially in emerging markets like Pakistan. The art of fulfilling the needs and requirements of consumers of all ages, especially the youth, makes it truly a dynamic brand. With a wide range of state-of-the-art technology at an affordable price range, Infinix has become a brand that people own.

All local products selling in Pakistan are being manufactured in factories that are churning out smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices.

Recently, the brand was also seen roping in one of the country’s most loved celebs, Atif Aslam, to represent the highly awaited Zero 8 in Pakistan. Atif Aslam has joined the Infinix family as the official brand ambassador for the Zero 8 series.

For the brand, the legendary musician’s contribution to its latest offering will be precious to inspire the world with innovative technologies and products that enrich people’s lives.

Originally published at Dawn