Apple issued a golden master version of iOS 14.1 to developers for testing, with release coming less ahead of a public iPhone 12 launch.

Apple on Tuesday issued a golden master version of iOS 14.0.1 to developers for testing, with the release coming less than two weeks ahead of a public iPhone 12 launch.

The company initially issued iOS 14.0.1 to all users earlier today, with new features including improved camera functionality and the addition of HDR video recording for newer handsets.

That release was not meant for public consumption and was briefly, and inadvertently, published to the main release channel, according to a source inside Apple who is not authorized to speak on behalf of the company. Apple later pulled iOS 14.1 along with a tvOS 14.1 update that also went out early.

With the dust settled from today’s big iPhone 12 launch, Apple is pushing out iOS 14.1 to developers. Apple has been testing the update internally, likely to avoid leaks of new features announced during today’s special event.

Not much is known about the changes incorporated in iOS 14.0.1. So far, the GM has yielded information about the new Discover tab in the Home app that was highlighted during HomePod mini’s unveiling.

A public release date has not been announced, though it can be assumed that Apple will issue iOS 14.1 alongside the iPhone 12 lineup on Oct. 23.

Apple is also continuing work on iOS 14.2, a third beta of which went out to developers at the today. The upcoming release includes new emoji characters, Shazam integration in Control Center and other minor tweaks.

Originally published at Apple insider