Let the leaves on ground for good health

Raking leaves is a chore that many dread during the fall season, however, the Nature Conservancy of Canada is saying that this year you should just leave those leaves on the ground. Not only does this keep you from the back-breaking labour, but it also lets you say that you are helping the environment and being a conservationist.

Let the leaves on ground for good health

This is because leaving those leaves on the ground not only benefits the local environment but makes for a greener lawn next spring. While many insect species travel south for the winter, there are those who hibernate through the winter. And by not raking, you leave them the perfect, cozy, winter home.

“There are quite a few reasons why it’s beneficial for your lawn and for nature,” said Andrew Holland, Media Relations Director with the Nature Conservancy of Canada.”It’s a great idea to avoid back-breaking yardwork and find other things to do. And if people are calling you a slacker and telling you to go out and rake your lawn, you can just say ‘look I’m being environmentally friendly and the Nature Conservancy of Canada says so’.”

Backyard animals such as toads, frogs, and other pollinators also utilize the leaves left behind to hibernate over the winter. Not only that, but it helps improve your soil. As the leaves break down they become a mulch which will help enrich the soil in the coming spring, resulting in a nicer lawn.

However, it is not for everyone. For those who enjoy getting outdoors and having a pristine lawn, the Nature Conservancy of Canada is suggesting you take the leaves that you’ve raked and tuck them under bushes and trees where they will be out of sight. This way you can enjoy a nice lawn while being environmentally friendly.

“Consider a layer or two of leaves as free fertilizer,” Holland added. “A layer or two of leaves will help your lawn.”

If you do plan to leave those leaves out, Holland suggests ensuring they are spread out over the lawn as large clumps or piles could negatively impact lawn growth.

Embrace your inner laziness, leave the leaves be.

Originally published by DiscoverWeyBurn