First Internet TV promotes rural lifestyle and tradition

The TV tries to portray the beauties, customs and rural lifestyle of villagers with a focus on culture, tourism, society, and economy, Mehr news agency reported.

First Internet TV promotes rural lifestyle and tradition

The television network will broadcast attractive programs and content focusing on rural culture, education, economy, and lifestyle.

Development of new technologies in the field of rural businesses and sustainable economy, demonstration of economic and social capacities in rural areas, the lack of a special and suitable video platform for the villages in social media are other goals of this TV network.

Many efforts have been made over the past couple of years by the government to support villagers and slow down the trend of migration from rural areas to cities.

Rural tourism, agritourism, religious tourism, and ecotourism are alternatives or complementary economic activities that could further stimulate rural development while decreasing rural community dependency on one main economic sector (agriculture, forestry, energy, or mining).

In Iran, October 6 is celebrated each year as the National Day of Villagers and Nomads. 

Currently, 26 percent of the country’s population lives in villages, Mohammad Omid, the vice president for rural development, has said. He added that around 39,000 villages have more than 20 households and 23,000 villages have less than 20 households.

Originally published by Tehran Times