UK-Taiwan Collaborates for Innovative Industries Program 2021

To strengthen the exchange and co-operation between academic and research circles of the UK and Taiwan, Innovative Industries Program 2021 will be initiated with the British Office Taipei and the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), who are proud to jointly launch the (I2P).

UK-Taiwan Collaborates for Innovative Industries Program 2021

The programme aims to facilitate deep bilateral co-operation with a view to enhancing scientific research capability, developing international co-operative relationships, and participating in large-scale international programmes.

There are two categories of the programme: bilateral researcher placements and virtual workshops with an emphasis on:

UK’s 4 Grand Challenges industrial policy: artificial intelligence and data, ageing society, clean growth, future of mobility

Taiwan’s 6 Core Strategic Innovative Industries Program: information and digital technology, cybersecurity, biotech and medical technology, national defense, green and renewable energy, and strategic stockpile industries

5+2 Innovative Industries: intelligent machinery, IoT, green energy, biomedicine, new agriculture, and circular economy

We welcome applications from any UK or Taiwan-based researcher, including PhD students and postdoctoral researchers. We encourage scientific research personnel to conduct theme-based collaborative research or preliminary exploration. This can be done through topic specific collaboration with universities & colleges, public research institutions, catapults, and related industrial sectors in the UK and Taiwan.

Originally published by Mirage