World Teachers' Day to observe in provincial metropolis tomorrow

Like other parts of the world, World Teachers’ Day will be observed in the provincial metropolis on October 5 (Monday) to pay homage to teachers with special emphasis this year on the examplary role of teachers to educate students during the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis.

World Teachers' Day to observe in provincial metropolis tomorrow

Various ceremonies are held every year to commemorate the services of teachers to the communities and their role in national development. Teachers are presented with flowers and chocolates by students to express their gratitude and love.

World Teachers Day, since October 5, 1994, is celebrated annually to mark the anniversary of the adoption of the 1966 ILOUNESCO recommendation concerning the status of Teachers.

The WTD is convened in partnership by UNESCO, International Labor Organization and Education International and marks progress and devises ways to counter challenges faced by teachers globally.

Though all ceremonies, more or less, are scheduled to be held virtually this year, the students will still pour their thankfulness through tokens of the gratitude in the form of bouquets and cakes.

The theme for the WTD 2020 is “Teachers: Leading in Crisis, re-imagining the future” and it acknowledges the great leadership role and innovation of teachers during the pandemic to ensure that Learning Never Stops. In the aftermath of Covid-19 pandemic in Pakistan, the day has assumed greater significance as many teachers have been faced with challenges regarding their jobs and threat to health.

The teacher leadership, like Prof. Mujeeb ul islam of Government Science College, Wahdat Road, believes that the world is at a crossroads in the wake of pandemic, there is more urgent need to protect theright to education. He urged the government to work for the betterment of teachers and protect their rightsin the unfolding landscape brought about by the pandemic.

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