NHS proposes three names for position of pharmacist

NHS Services and Regulations has proposed the names of three pharmacists for the position of biological drugs analyst.

NHS proposes three names for position of pharmacist

Sources said that the ministry has proposed Chief Pharmacist Amna Bibi, Drug Regulatory Authority Of Pakistan (DRAP) Deputy Director Muhammad Arif Chaudhry, and DRAP Deputy Director Zeeshan Nazir for this position.
The Drug Act, 1976, was promulgated to regulate the import, export, manufacture storage, distribution, and sale of drugs.

The fact that many vaccines and biological products, imported and produced locally, require the certificate of the federal government analyst has necessitated the appointment of a biological drugs analyst. As per schedule of the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan Act, 2012, biological drugs are not allowed for sale and use until a “Lot Release Certificate” from the federal government analyst has been obtained.

This analyst would head the National Control Laboratory for Biological (NCLB), Islamabad, and report to the DRAP director.

The previous drug analyst was appointed for a period of three months, and their tenure expired in June 2020. Nominations from different hospitals institutions were sought and the abovementioned people have been proposed.

Originally published at Pakistan