High Court Completing Arrangements To Shift Animals To Sanctuary

Islamabad High Court (IHC) Directed Ministry Of Climate Change To Complete Arrangements For Shifting Of Zoo’s Animals To Sanctuary…

High Court Completing Arrangements To Shift Animals To Sanctuary

and submit report to the bench till October 22.

Doctor Amir Khalid appeared before the court last day as amicus-curiae in compliance of orders.

Addressing him, the chief justice remarked that the court respect his services, adding that such people were the real face of country.

Dr Khalil adopted the stance before the court that it was necessary to immediately address the miseries being faced by the zoo animals.

The animals were affected as they were brought out from their required natural environment, he said.

Islamabad Wildlife Management board (IWMB) chairman pleaded that the zoo bears were in better condition now and fit to travel anywhere, adding that Dr Amir had also trained the animals for travel.

The chief justice noted that all zoo in Costa Rica had been closed down, adding that the government of Pakistan had also set an example to comply the court directions in that regard as well. Its credit also went to the prime minister who welcomed the IHC’s verdict, he observed.

To a query regarding ‘Kavan’, the IWMB chairman said Dr Khalil had also made elephant his friend and Kavan was happy with him.

The chief justice remarked that Allah had not created animals to be kept in cages. It was necessary to change the mindset of people to save the humanity, he said.

He remarked that if there were the sentiments of sympathy and love with animals then even the terrorism could not get space in world.

The court adjourned the hearing of the case till October 22, and directed the climate change ministry to make full arrangements regarding animals’ shift and submit report to it.

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