MCC Committed To The Social Uplift Of People In Pakistan

China’s MCC Resources Development Company (MRDL), Is Committed To The Welfare And Social Uplift Of Its Employees In Pakistan.

MCC Committed To The Social Uplift Of People In Pakistan

It has an amazing historical background of work in different sectors including health and education, particularly in Balochistan, said MRDL official.

The Metrological Construction Company of China (MCC), has a historical culture of social uplift of its employees and the local population,.

During its 18 years’ development, it has made contributions for Pakistan’s national exchequer, initiated the non-ferrous metal industry, cultivated skilled workers, provided accommodated about 1,700 Pakistani employees, supplied free electricity and water, education, health care to nearby residents.

“In the year 2020, which was hit hard by the outbreak of COVID-19, MRDL did a good job in both COVID-19 prevention and operational continuity. It can resume operations, keep confirmed cases at zero within Saindak Project and help the local economy to recover in a strong and fast fashion”, she told China Economic Net (CEN).

Putting people’s lives first, MRDL has worked relentlessly in the battle against the pandemic and remained ZERO INFECTION CASE within the Project. It has united with neighboring villages, FC, local institutions, providing shelter in an area of 20 km (square kilometer), and covering 6,000 people.

She further said that to maintain production and employment, on June 6th, 68 Chinese employees went back to the Saindak site to reopen the Smelter plant. On July 9th, the reverberatory furnace of Smelter was ignited, meaning the 18th production cycle has begun. On July 13th, the Smelter plant produced the first batch of blister copper.

“We are dedicated and ready to work with all interested parties who share the same vision with us: to Social Uplift the underprivileged population, to nurture young scholars, experts, technicians and engineers in the field of minerals, to contribute technical expertise for mineral industry, and together with Pakistan governments to propel this country’s advancement in a wider range of sectors”, she commented.

She mentioned that 30 years’ association with Saindak Project, MRDL employees view themselves as locals. Though it is not easy for stuff procurement among the COVID-19, MRDL tried to search from markets and managed to contribute over 200t, worth Rs.17.5 million foodstuffs to 3,312 households in Chagai district, showing the responsibility of MRDL, earning praise from Pakistani government and people.

“When the COVID-19 was rampant, MRDL felt the same and tried its best to help out. 200,000 masks, 4,000 testing kits, 2,000 protective gears, 2,000 gloves, 2,000 goggles, 100 forehead thermometers, worth Rs.43 million, after 5 days and nights’ travel, were delivered to Balochistan in April”, the officer said on condition of anonymity.

She told that on the Eid-ul-Adha Festival in August, Pakistanis put on new clothes and share fresh meat with relatives, friends, and the poor. The MRDL management visited production units and workshops, extended greetings, and distributed allowances, snacks, and fresh fruits to employees. Delicious food and sincere care made this festival special and unforgettable.

To improve the skills of the employees, the company started technical training for employees as early as the operation startup.

“During the last 17 years, MRDL has held over 10,000 training classes of various kinds, with over 100,000 man-hour training through “Teacher-Student” Pairs formed each year,” she said.

Thousands of Pakistani technical (skilled) talents who were involved in the systematic training provided by MRDL, those who left the Saindak Project, they participated actively in the social construction of Pakistan, propelling the economic growth of other regions.

“In 2012, MRDL and SML jointly contributed about Rs.30 million to set up a technical training institute at Dalbandin”, she added.

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