Manchar Lake lake ruins due to carelessness of Sindh Government

Negligence of Sindh government has ruined the beauty of country’s largest lake of sweetwater, Manchar Lake, ARY News reported on Friday. Known as a paradise for fishermen, the Manchar Lake, situated in Sindh’s district of Dadu has now been transformed into a ‘lake of toxic water’ and often being called as ‘dead lake’.

Manchar Lake lake ruins due to carelessness of Sindh Government

The water of the lake has turned that much toxic now that fish breeding has stopped, while the adjoining farmers are finding it difficult to cultivate their agriculture lands.

The Right Bank out for Drain (RBOD) project initiated by the PPP led the provincial government several years ago to save the lake from being contaminated by the release of toxic water is also closed.

The recent monsoon rains and flood in the region also badly affected the fishermen living along Manchar Lake who are already finding it difficult to earn and several villages were submerged into rain and floodwater.

The fishermen were forced to migrate from the area due to floods but even though they are happy and are hoping that fresh flows of water will revive the beauty of Manchar Lake and fish breeding will also help them in winning bread and butter for their families.

But, the experts believe that fresh flows of water will not be helpful in reviving the Manchar Lake in long-term and added that the paradise will again turn into a ‘dead lake’ after some time.

The fishermen of the area are suffering from skin, liver, kidney and other deadly diseases due to usage of toxic water of the lake.

Though the Sindh government announced to revive the beauty of the country’s biggest sweetwater lake but the situation remains unchanged.

Originally published by ARYnews