Watch Dogs Legion Guide To Know Everything About It

Watch Dogs Legion Is Upcoming Latest Installment In Watch Dogs Franchise Is Been Developed By Ubisoft Toronto & Published By Ubisoft.

Watch Dogs Legion Guide To Know Everything About It

This will be the third installment in the series which is set in the fictionalized representation of London. The story of the game is set post-Brexit London is a whole new level of tech and there are drones that are heavily integrated into society, some of which are flying cops, equipped with weapons and these are always scanning for troublemakers at all times. The city is under the influence of a new private security company named Albion and Blume is also in this game which are pulling the strings behind the scenes.

One of the most interesting things about the game is that game doesn’t have one protagonist instead you choose any NPC from the world of Watch Legion to be your protagonist. The cutscenes, story beats, as well as the dialogue will all change depending on which member of DedSec you will play as. Each of these characters will have different attributes that affect you will approach each mission. You will be able to scan any random citizen which will reveal their background but in order to recruit them, the player will have to sway them to the player’s side and convince them that DedSec is the way.

There are also going to be consequences for killing an NPC which in turn causes that NPC’s family to resent DedSec, which lower your chances of recruiting them. The NPC and the DedSec recruit that players will control will have customization options like different gear and clothes like sneakers, shirts, and masks. In DedSec there will three different classes which are Enforcer, Infiltrator, and Hacker. Down below you can see how each of the class works:


This is heavily focused on combat and they can equip explosive rounds on their weapons and plant sticky mines.


This class is focused on stealth. They are very sneaky have many more melee options, and come with an especially useful ability. Infiltrators even has an ability called “AR cloak” that essentially renders you invisible to guards for a short time. There four perks for this class which are:

  • Lunge: which gives you an increased takedown radius
  • All-Seeing: lets them tag nearby hostiles
  • Shockwave: staggers enemies,
  • First Strike: adds a suppressor to SMG weapons.
  • Hackers

Hackers are a little similar to Infiltrators which means they are stealth but they can drone do the sneaking for them. They can use the spider drone that combination of Watch Dogs 2’s drones that come with a mounted turret It can even perform melee takedowns.

There are plenty of characters that were that the players can control like

  • Construction worker will have a wrench, nail gun, drone, and access to uniform
  • Street artist will come with a paintball gun and paint bomb
  • Drone Expert, they can use shock drone, drone swarm, and hacking abilities
  • Football hooligan, this character takes less damage and can rally friends to help out in a fight
  • Spy will come equipped with a car and silencer
  • Anarchist will have a smoke grenade which will obscure the enemy vision and a bandana to protect against gas
  • Paramedic will have access to a uniform and ambulance
  • Hitman will be able to do instant gun takedowns as well as a dodge. They will come equipped with a desert eagle

These NPC that are recruited can die and you won’t be able to play with them. This means that you will have to think every time before you act before your character’s life will literally be on the line. But there is some other way that you use to avoid certain death which is by surrendering or keep pushing in order to survive. This hasn’t been confirmed but in one of the demo, it can be seen. The story of Watch Dogs Legion will have 5 main storylines over 60 missions but this hasn’t been clarified by Ubisoft on how this will work but we will hopefully get a good campaign from this game.

One more interesting thing about the game is that players will be able to complete the game without killing anyone. According to Ubisoft, almost half of the weapons in Legion are non-lethal. Some of these weapons were showcased in the demo where granny infiltrator used a stun gun, and another trailer shows what looked like a stunning shotgun. There is also going to be multiplayer as well but the details on it are still unknown. As for the release date, Watch Dogs Legion will be releasing on for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Stadia on 29 October 2020. Moreover, it will be releasing on the Xbox Series X and S on 10 November 2020 as a launching title. Down below you can see the pre-order details of the game and what each edition will come with.

Pre-order Watch Dogs Legion


Just keep it simple with a pre-order in the Standard Edition form. With this, you’ll get the game and the Golden King pack.

Price:- $49.94


The Gold Edition will come with Ultimate Edition’s extra content but will give access to that valuable Season Pass which is key to any potential DLC to come after release. The Gold Edition includes the season pass. It will get you:

  • The game
  • Golden King Pack
  • 4 Iconic heroes with their own unique backstories
  • ‘Not in Your Name’ mission
  • Dedsec car skin
  • Play three days early
  • Price:- $109.99


The Ultimate Edition will get you the game, season pass, and many more amazing things. The Ultimate Pack will come with the following items:

  • The game
  • Golden King Pack
  • Urban Jungle Pack (three characters)
  • 4-week VIP status
  • London Dissident pack
  • Play three days early
  • Season Pass: 4 Iconic heroes with their own unique backstories; ‘Not in Your Name’ mission; Dedsec car skin
  • PS4 | GameStop (Steelbook) :- $129.99
  • Xbox One | Amazon (Digital) – $119.99


This pre-order is very expensive but this collector’s edition comes with a plethora of things. This contains the game, the season pass, and the Ultimate Pack and. a whole lot of physical goodies and, well, collectibles like:

  • Ded Coronet Mask (and instant access to it in-game)
  • Ultimate Edition of the game
  • Set of 3 stickers
  • Double-sided propaganda poster
  • Exclusive steel book
  • Season Pass: 4 Iconic heroes with their own unique backstories; ‘Not in Your Name’ mission; Dedsec car skin
  • Ultimate Content: Urban Jungle Pack (three characters); 4-week VIP status; London Dissident pack; Play three days early

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