Rainbow Six Siege Latest Update Operation Shadow Legacy Coming Soon

With Operation Shadow Legacy, Some Of The Operators Will Receive Hard Breach Charge As A New Secondary Gadget

Rainbow Six Siege Latest Update Operation Shadow Legacy Coming Soon

The Year 5 Season 3 Content Pack For Rainbow Six Siege Brings Over Sam Fisher To Ubisoft’s Competitive Multiplayer Online Shooter with tons of other changes and improvements.

Operation Shadow Legacy is the latest update coming to Rainbow Six Siege this year, which will be delivering lots of new content to the game, especially in the case of gameplay. First of all, Sam Fisher will join the roster as a new Operator under the name of Zero. His special gadget is Argos Launcher, a spy-camera-throwing gun that allows players to shoot cameras at reinforced walls and have a sneak peek into the enemies’ location.

Yesterday, during Ubisoft Forward, the developers behind Rainbow Six Siege revealed a new anime-style trailer to welcome Sam Fisher to the world of Siege. The 2-speed 2-armor operator has been armed with MP7 and SC3000K (an all-new gun) as his primary weapons and a 5.7 USG as his secondary. For the additional gadget, you can either choose to carry a claymore or pick up two frag grenades.

Allowing them to partially destroy the reinforced walls. Previously, only a small number of Attackers had the ability to breach into the reinforced walls.

Furthermore, some operators will get new scopes on their primary weapons such as 1.5x, 2.0x, 2.5x (ACOG), and 3.0x. The developers also consider adding 1.0x scopes to the game in the future. Moreover, this season’s elite skin has been dedicated to Dokkaebi, which was revealed a few weeks earlier.

Last but not least, the new Operation will replace the old Chalet map with its new reworked version. In the reworked Chalet, a considerable number of front entry points have been blocked, while some others have been added in some new locations. Also, you can now climb to the roof of the building using your rappel.

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