Online Game Platform Roblox Launch Free Digital Civility Curriculum

Online Game Platform Roblox Has Launched A Free ‘Digital Civility’ Curriculum To Help Foster Positive And Productive Online Experiences Among Students.

Online Game Platform Roblox Launch Free Digital Civility Curriculum

The curriculum will teach students how to stay safe online and forge positive relationships, while also letting them hone their 3D modeling, animation, and coding skills by creating an obstacle course in Roblox Studio.

The online course spans six 45 to 60 minute sessions, and also includes a new Roblox game called Digital Safety Scavenger Hunt which teaches students how to spot unreliable information online.

“We’ve been hearing from our educator community that it’s simply not enough to have occasional conversations about safety and digital civility and that they’d greatly benefit from a structured curriculum and project-based learning as the new school year begins,” said Laura Higgins, director of Community Safety and Digital Civility at Roblox, in a press release.

“The curriculum launching today is designed to provide both educators and students with a self-paced, topic-specific narrative that will help build a generation of resilient digital citizens and ensure kids and teens have positive and safe online experiences.”

Roblox, which currently boasts over 150 million monthly active users, has a number of educational initiatives including caps, coding challenges, and school curriculum resources that have reached over 1 million students worldwide. You can learn more about the new digital civility curriculum by clicking right here.

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