MOL starts apprenticeship programme for youth with focus on district Hangu

MOL Pakistan Oil and Gas Company B.V. has launched an apprenticeship programme for the youth of its operational areas, with a focus on district Hangu for the year 2020-21, says a press release.

MOL starts apprenticeship programme for youth with focus on district Hangu

Through this programme 20 individuals, fresh university graduates and technical diploma holders with minimum years of experience, will be provided with on-the-job learning and development opportunities along with appropriate remuneration.

The program will help provide focused and skill based training to the locals of the area to grow further in their fields. The selection shall be based on technical and non-technical fields purely on merit basis through a pre-defined criteria as per the company policy.

The program shall be advertised in the local newspapers in order to provide equal opportunities and selection on merit basis only. It is a step in a new direction, providing an innovative approach in developing practical solutions for the betterment of the local communities.

MOL Pakistan has been actively involved in the improvement of the standard of living of communities affected by its operations, providing economic advancement in the area through numerous initiatives. The company provides tailor-made support schemes to the local communities.

Protecting the environment, contributing to the economic well-being of the local communities, education and healthcare-related programs are the core of MOL Pakistan’s social investment strategy.

A significant amount has been disbursed as part of its social welfare programs and CSR initiatives in the country.

At the occasion, the Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Energy Petroleum Division, Khayal Zaman said, “I am very happy that MOL Pakistan is providing an opportunity for our local youth.

This is indeed the best way to ensure appropriate training, improving the economic situation and creating better opportunities for our people.”

The MOL Group Regional Vice President for Middle East, Africa and Pakistan, Ali Murtaza Abbas commented, “MOL Group has always ensured the uplift of its communities in areas that it operates in.

We are very happy to announce this apprenticeship program and hope that it provides further skills to our youth and enabling them to secure a better future for themselves.

Originally published at The news international