Minecraft for PS4 is Getting PSVR Support

The blocky sandbox evergreen Minecraft is getting PSVR for even better very soon. At least for gamers on the PlayStation 4 who also are proud owners of a PSVR headset. Yes, Minecraft is getting official VR support, and the best thing is it’s coming this month already! How do improve a game that went on to become not only a gaming but a real-life social phenomenon? Developer Mojang has a nice idea and it’s called virtual reality. The ultimate form of immersive gaming is coming to the creative sandbox as a free update.

Well, you do have to own a PSVR headset of course. There’s no way around that. But hey, if you held out all those years, maybe this is the reason to jump into virtual reality at long last.

Unlike some other games who treat VR support as a second thought by either relegating it to separate cut-down modes, in this case, it’s the real deal. No content is cut or downgraded to work in VR.

The developer is promising the full Minecraft experience with the upcoming update. Players will be able to do everything in VR they can do in regular mode. By virtue of nature, the way how you play will naturally change though. To accommodate the shift to an entirely new perspective, the developers are going to offer two modes of VR play.

Immersive and Living Room mode will be the choices for PSVR players. The immersive mode is the full VR experience where you are one with your character. Compared to that the living room mode is targeted for players who’d rather play traditionally but with the headset. Imagine a virtual screen projected inside the VR headset.

Originally published by Game Zone