Latest Fortnite Update Heats Up The Nexus War

The Latest Fortnite Update Heats Up The Nexus War By Introducing Stark Industries To The Game’s Map.

Latest Fortnite Update Heats Up The Nexus War

Update v14.10 sees the famous facility emerge from the Rift between worlds, introducing new super powers, a hazardous new weapon, and a special game mode–although that mode has been temporarily disabled due to a bug.

The high-tech Stark Industries is now on the map for you to explore, loot, and potentially meet a few heroes or villains. The update also adds more powers to your arsenal, including Thor’s Mjolnir Strike, which summons a blow to your target location, and the ability to fire energy blasts and soar into the sky using Iron Man’s Repulsor Gauntlets.

As Galactus draws nearer to the island, the planet-destroying villain now has his own Drones patrolling the battlefield. Gatherer Drones are designed to collect loot, but they’re also loot themselves. If you manage to defeat one, they’ll deactivate and turn into their weapon form. You have to pick them up quickly, though, otherwise their instability will cause them to explode.

The Stark Industries update also adds a new mode that lets you showcase your abilities. You can join other players in the upcoming Marvel Knockout, a spin on Operation: Knockout that sees your team utilize superpowers to emerge victorious on the tournament bracket. However, the mode has since been disabled, according to Epic games, as it works to investigate an unspecified issue. “We will update you when the LTM is back online,” the developer said on the Fortnite Status account on Twitter.

Heroes and Villains,

Marvel Knockout has been temporarily disabled while we investigate an issue.

We will update you when the LTM is back online.

 Fortnite Status (@FortniteStatus) September 10, 2020″

New challenges are also live as part of Fortnite: Chapter 2 Season 4, and we’ve got you covered with a guide to finding the Sentinel Head, Panther’s Prowl, claw marks, and more.

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