Getting a bit nervous and frightened when it comes to writing a ‘research paper’ is not uncommon in college students. We all have to go through this challenging task once or twice during our college term.

How to Write an Ideal Research Paper for College

Read over the following steps to learn how to write an ideal research paper:

Do brainstorming before you start?

Jumping directly on the topic without prior research and brainstorming would cost you a lot of time and effort. You will be unable to define your path, let alone following it.

To save yourself the worry, it’s better to devote your initial hours to pre-writing research. Read instructions carefully, deliberate over various topics pertaining to your course, examine which topic will be good and worthwhile, skim over the grading rubric, and study all the materials given by your professor.

Many students miss the basic rules and commence writing without understanding clearly what they are being asked to do. This can lead to low grades. That’s why it is advised to ask your teacher if you are unsure about anything.

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Decide on a topic

Now that you have researched a good deal and laid a good foundation, its time to settle on a topic. Your topic can be about anything, but it is advised to opt-out for something you are passionate about or interested in.

Here again, don’t forget to incorporate all the guidelines you have received from your instructor while deciding on a topic. For example, you are required to pick out a hot-button issue and defend your viewpoints in your graduate school research paper.

Try to go for a controversial topic for this requirement as you can explain your points objectively and from different angles. More so, it would be immensely helpful if you roughly make notes and list down all the key points you need to integrate into your paper before choosing your ideal college research paper topic.

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Do research extensively

Once your topic is finalized, you should start browsing, exploring, and researching your topic. The more extensive your research is, the higher quality of your graduate school research paper would be.

Dig deeper into your research process by using both primary and secondary sources. Remember your source must be reliable and authentic. You can gather data from a few credible information sources such as Google Scholar, newspapers, books, journals, online encyclopedias, and government publications.

Don’t ignore any information essential to your research writing. For instance, your MBA research paper must encompass all the leadership theories effective for an organization. Ensure you have covered all the aspects with the right justifications and explanations.

Organize your research

You will lose track if you don’t organize everything you have research so far. Your topic, all the research materials like literature review, and your notes should be organized properly before you get the ball rolling.

For example, you have researched about 15 reference sources, but found only 10 rightly applicable to your college research paper. Bookmark your chosen resources on your web browser.

Structurally arrange your digital bibliography so you can visit those sources whenever you need to and link your sources while writing your paper.

Start with the thesis statement

A brief sentence summarizing the main aspects of your topic and reflecting your supporting points is how you describe a thesis statement. Without forming it, you can’t guide your readers about what you are trying to explain or prove in your research.

Hence, before writing anything, create a definitive, clear, and strong thesis statement. All the points and arguments you make in your research paper should be in light of your thesis statement and so, support that central idea you are putting forward.  

Create a good outline

Just before you pen down your research paper, it’s important to make a good outline. Structure your paper, follow your guides, learn about the proper research paper format, and include everything you have planned to cover. Take help from different college research paper samples, divide your sections logically, and organize your points under each sub-headings. This framework will keep you focused and on track throughout your entire research writing process.

Write down your research paper

With clear direction, good concentration, sufficient research material, and all too energized by now, you are now set to put your thoughts, ideas, and points in your research paper.

Compose your paper as efficiently as you can. Make sure you incorporate all the essential elements in your paper. This may generally include introduction, body, and conclusion. Add recommendations if it is a requirement.

Create a proper Reference page or bibliography. Include all your points, facts and figures, specific quotes, illustrations, and statistical information (if any) you have collected from your research. Be wary about plagiarism. Build your essay on your own ideas and thoughts instead of copying it from a source.

Revise and analyze your paper critically

After all your hard work, sweat and toil, you have finally got your research paper written. Now, you are ready to submit it. But, wait! Take a moment and go back through your paper again. It is possible that you have overlook many grammatical mistakes, misspellings, and punctuation errors while crafting your paper.

Therefore, don’t blunder by handing in your paper without revising it thoroughly. Use a critical eye while editing, proofreading, and analyzing your paper. You can use Grammarly or such writing platforms to improve your writing and deal with other writing issues.

Pre-read your paper, pay attention to your sentence structure, wordings, and organization. Ensure that you have not exceeded your word limit or repeated anything.

Make certain you have followed all the guidelines and instructions, covered all the sections, and presented the right arguments. Your paper should look structured, organized, and error-free once you are done revising and proofreading it.  


Be confident when submitting your paper since you have given your best. Keep all these points in your mind and there’s nothing stopping you from earning good grades in your research paper. You will definably nail it!

Best of luck!